Professional Growth in SUHSD

Continuing your own growth one learning event at a time

EdCamp Edventure coming to SUHSD!

Are you ready for a unique EDventure? Join us at Sweetwater High School on August 27

(8:00-12:00) for the inaugural SUHSD EdCamp. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from all disciplines from all schools in creating a professional growth opportunity tailored to your needs and interests!


What is an EdCamp?

An EdCamp is a professional learning event by educators, for educators. The participants are the presenters and the learners, all together! You can watch the short video below to learn more about EdCamps or read about them here.

How do I get involved?

Stay tuned for the registration flyer coming out in July or August. Register to attend and come ready to share and learn. YOU have something to contribute!

What if I am not sure what I want to learn?

The sessions for the day are created by the participants. You chose where you want to go based on your interests and then let your feet do the talking (you can leave a session at any time and go to another one to enhance your personal learning experience).

EdCamp 101
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Induction Reimbursement for new Teachers & Admin

Teachers who have recently completed their induction program outside of the district are encouraged to submit their name here for eligibility for a partial reimbursement.

Administrators who have recently completed their Tier II credential are encouraged to to submit their name here for eligibility for a partial reimbursement.

Aspiring Administrator Academy

We are pleased to announce that the first SUHSD Aspiring Administrator Academy will begin this July, with 16 participating teachers and 8 Assistant Principals as Mentors. The teachers will spend a year shadowing their mentors to gain experience with various aspects of the role of an AP. We hope this opportunity will become an annual process to build leadership capacity within aspiring administrators and those Assistant Principals who aspire to step into the role of a principal in the future.

Classified Professional Growth Opportunities

A group of Classified leaders has formed to discuss opportunities for professional growth and and career advancement for our Classified staff members. The Professional Growth website has an open-ended survey and we would love to hear from you about your professional needs. Please click here to access the survey.

SUHSD Learns!

Beginning on July 20, 2016, we will be launching a new adventure- documenting a year of learning through a district blog. Every school day we will post a short blog written by someone from the SUHSD learning community (students, teachers, staff, parents, administrators, and beyond), about his or her learning. The blog will be housed on the Professional Growth website. You will be able to visit the blog daily via the website, see a daily link on Twitter, or sign up to receive each day's blog delivered directly to your email inbox. We will be looking for writers all year long, so start thinking about what you would like to share about your own learning or the learning in your classroom, school, or department. Visit here for more information about the learning project. #SUHSDLearns

Professional Growth

We believe that all staff members in SUHSD deserve opportunities to learn and grow as professionals in individualized ways. We support staff-selected professional growth opportunities that benefit and impact student learning, staff learning, and system capacity.