Escaping Peril

By Tui T. Sutherland


Escaping Peril is a fantasy adventure starring Peril the SkyWing dragon. It is definitely fantasy because it involves dragons, and dragons are fictional creatures. Peril is a dragon that has been feared all of her life because whenever she touches something, it bursts into flames. The thing that she most desires is friends, but it is difficult for her because of her firescales. She is extremely negative, and it is difficult for her to be liked. The evil Queen Scarlet had previously kept her prisoner and used her to kill prisoners.

When her only friend Clay and his school are attacked, Peril wants to help him by killing Queen Scarlet, who is conspiring to kill Clay and his friends. Peril sets out to find the notorious former queen, and try to use her firescales to kill the villain.

One of the most interesting parts in this book is when Winter the IceWing gets mad at Peril and wants to hurt her. Winter circles around Peril, but accidentally touches her and starts to burn. He lays on the ground, writhing in pain, until Turtle the SeaWing comes. he gets out a river rock, touches it to Winter, and he heals. This reveals Turtle as an animus, or magical, dragon. Surprisingly, Winter becomes more friendly with Peril and this helps them complete their mission more easily.

I can relate with Peril on wanting friends because at the beginning of this year, hardly any of my friends were in any of my classes, so it was not very fun until I made other friends. It really stinks when you don't know anybody.

I can't wait until book 9 of this series because of an the ending. I want to know how Peril and her friends will deal with the problem that arose at the end of this book. The book was a cliffhanger, and I am in suspense for the next book.

I am a frequent reader, and I have read many books this year. This book has been one of the best that I read because of the action, the view of a character shrouded in mystery in the series, and the suspense throughout the book. I highly recommend Escaping Peril, and I can't wait for the next book!


This book is another wonderful addition to the Wings of Fire series! Book 8 was amazing. WHY? It's because that Peril is an interesting and rather mysterious character. This book helps us understand her better. In this book more mysteries were revealed, surprising all of us.
Anyway, Clay had changed Peril... but the other dragons at first wouldn't trust her, which is normal behavior. As for Turtle... he was the only prophecy dragonet that befriended Peril right at the beginning. And I find Peril(most of the time)saying all the wrong things, which gets her into trouble with different dragons throughout the book,but if you've been a killer for your whole life, that's normal in a way. Well now at least we know Peril's wicked father now. But I also feel a bit sorry for him... Lastly, FREAKING CLIFFHANGER at the end! But that made me itch for book 9… and if you're a big fan of this series like me, you will too.

Surprises and secrets await you in this book! ;)

-Satisfied Amazon Customer

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This book was published by Scholastic Press on December 29, 2015. It was written by Tui T. Sutherland and has 336 pages. It is the 8th book in the Wings of Fire series.


This book is an awesome read because of the action and suspense. I highly recommend this book because it is invigorating and gives readers a look at a character that was before shrouded in mystery. I can't wait for book 9, and you should definitely read Escaping Peril!
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