Willow Tree School

October Newsletter

Fall is in the Air!

We are absolutely thrilled by the turn out of so many families at our annual Back to School Night. It was such a wonderful opportunity to see all of our wonderful families together, making such an important investment in their children's' success this coming year.

It is our sincere belief that a strong connection between school and home is the most essential part of making the preschool experience (and beyond) the most positive, productive and rewarding for your child. We believe that your child's experience here is anything but, "just preschool". This is where your child's foundational, educational roots begin. We truly appreciate every moment we have with your children and look forward to a year of much transformation and progress!

Staying Connected

It seems that there may still be some confusion about the information we provide for our upcoming events, field trips, etc. In the Important Dates section below, we list the dates of any school functions, field trips or any other significant event. The list provides only the date of the event, but if you click the title of the event (yep, it's a link), you will be directed to more details and information about that specific event.

You will also want to click the link in your child's classroom section of the newsletter to see the full class newsletter - complete with lots of photos that provide a window into all the wonderful things happening here at Willow Tree.

We all put much effort into planning and creating an interactive and informative newsletter so you feel connected with what is happening at school. We also take, sort and edit lots of photos, so we can share them with you each month. Please take the time to read through the newsletter as the answers to many of your questions are provided here.

We are also always interested in your feedback. We want you all to feel a strong sense of community here and being informed and connected are a big part of that. Your opinions and suggestions do matter to us!

Important Dates:

Click any of the links below for more detailed information about each event.

Gymnastics: Thursday, October 9th and Monday, October 20th

Disaster Drill: Tuesday, October 14th

Petaluma Ballet Field Trip: Butterflies Only- Friday, October 10th

Library Walking Field Trip: Thursday, October 16th

Scholastic Book Club Orders Due: Friday, October 24th

What's Happening with the Butterflies?

Our super busy Butterflies are getting into the swing of things and have already started off the new school year very strong. They are working on making great contributions to circle time conversations and are making friends. Click here... for a sneak peak into the life of a Willow Tree Butterfly.

See What the Caterpillars are Getting Into

We are seeing the Caterpillars really stretching themselves by practicing putting on their own jackets and shoes. Many have started the potty training process and their language is exploding. Self-control and friendly, cooperative play are a big focus of our curriculum right now. October is full of fun - click here... to see what is in store for the Caterpillars.