European Times

March 4, 1789

Terror Reigns By Capt. Kyler Cauthen

On a beautiful Friday morning, around noon, I heard a ruckus in the commons. I witnessed a young man steal food from a street vender. The vender screamed and the police came running. I found out that the young man was my neighbor Pieree. Pieree was drug through the streets and taken to a cell where he waited for his punishment. What Pieree did was wrong. However, Many people are unawhere that Pieree became the sole provider for his three year old sister after his parents died last year. Pieree is only a child himself, at fifthteen, and perhaps his actions were not completely malicious. His punishment may in fact be death. But I ask this: Would we not all do the same thing to save a child we love?

I believe that punishment is to be a direct result of the crime one commits. But a child stealing bread is not a true criminal. I will beg of the captors to release this boy, to me, to all of us, to preserve his life and to allow his little sister to have the one person left in her world that loves her.

How can a man survive in this place, with the law as it is now. Change must come!


To the Editor:

I am a man who never believed I would see the day when I would have the same rights as those nobles born before me, who were raised in greatness and not as I was, in a field. Man has made great efforts to equalize us and make us a stronger, unified country. So far, our efforts have failed as a group, but I will not give up, and it is with pride that I say that I am here because of those dreams, and that I am proud to be a Frenchman! We will succeed!

- James L. Bouchard

Tennis Court of Hope by Antoinette DePue

I recently had the opportunity to witness a situation I am still trying to absorb completely. Our government sets us up for failure. The 1st and 2nd estates are given the same voting power as the 3rd, and yet the people in the first two represent only 3% of our community. The other 97% of us get only one vote, while they are given two. We can never outvote their wishes. They pay less taxes, and have more wealth. We are left with large debts and little income. We work hard and have nothing for our efforts.

At the recent meeting, we stood up and demanded a vote per person. We were denied. After being kicked out, we took to the tennis courts, and continued to argue for our rights. We believe in a future that will allow us to have the same rights as the people above us. We believe in our right to life, to happiness and to be able to enjoy successes the other estates take for granted.

We must rise and continue this mission, we cannot let them prevail!