The Olive Branch 11.15.19

What's Up At The Nest...

Principal's Message

OMS Families,

Although the temperature outside was chilly, it was warm and cheerful indoors at the nest this week! There are several topics in this week's post related to the cold weather, please read through everything carefully. As always, thank you for your support!

Have a great weekend!

Erin & Julia

Last High-Five Friday!

We will host our last High Five Friday of the season next week: Friday, November 22nd!

From the Nurse's Office: Cold Weather Exposure

Cold weather is here!

The skin is the largest organ in our body and needs care and protection. Mrs. Henrique's office has been especially busy due to cold weather exposure.

Concerns include:

  • Painful, cold hands
  • Red, dry, chapped cheeks and faces
  • Cracked, bleeding lips
  • Itchy raw skin

Most of the time, these issues can be resolved with proper. continuous skin protection. Lotion and other types of skin protectants should be applied before school and before bed. Regular chapstick use is easy and effective protection to lips and around the mouth. Warm gloves and scarves/face covers also help protect and keep skin healthy. Healthy, intact skin also helps protect us from illness and infection year-round.

Drop-off and Pick-up Reminders

With the cold temperatures, more families are dropping off and picking up students at school. Please remember:

  • Please allow more time for drop-off in inclement weather.
  • Out of respect for our neighbors, there is no drop-off in the cul-de-sacs surrounding our school, including Belmont Steet. There are signs prohibiting parking and drop-off in these areas.
  • Students should have all their belongings in the front or backseat of the vehicle. Items are not allowed to be retrieved from the trunk. If a car were to be rear-ended in the loading zone, a ripple effect could cause serious injury to anyone behind a vehicle.
  • If you are coming to a school event or are picking up your child and you are parking in the Orchard Church parking lot, please use the designated marked parking spaces. The driveways alongside the church in the Belmont parking lot are not to be used for parking.

Forgotten Items

With the winter weather, more and more items are being dropped off in the office after 9:05 am. As a friendly reminder please review our Back-to-School FAQs:

What if my child forgets an item at home?

This year we will only place 1 phone call just prior to the lunch hour to a classroom for all items that have been dropped off. We have found in recent years more and more items are being dropped off during the school day and our phone calls to classrooms disrupt instruction. If the item is homework, snack, PE shoes, an instrument, etc. we encourage you to use the left at home item as a way to encourage responsibility for your child. We understand that items do get left at home and sometimes they are needed but ask that you help us limit the number of distractions to our classrooms during the school day.

If your child knows that you will be dropping off an item for them, they may ask their teacher to go and get it, but otherwise, only one phone call will be made prior to the lunch hour for dropped off items.

Chat and Chew

The fourth and fifth grade Chat and Chew participants were surprised with a visit by a local magician on Tuesday at their book discussion meeting. Mr. John Joseph, otherwise known as Jay Jay, volunteered to present a magic show for the 35 students when he learned that Mrs. Brown, the LMC Director, was looking for a performer. The students had recently finished reading Magic Misfits, a book about child magicians who stop a major theft in their town. Jay Jay is an OMS grandparent. He wowed the students with his rope trick and card tricks and even taught them to perform some tricks of their own.

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