The Buzz

Volume 1, Issue 18

Points to Poinder

Word of the Month: Love
Thought of the Week: You don't build a top school, you build top teachers and then the top teachers build the top school.
Monday Funday: It's President's Day! Enjoy the day off!

Breakfast in the Classroom

In order to comply with federal regulations, there will be a few "tweaks" made to the BIC procedures within the next 2 weeks. I will send out a link to the new directions this week. Basically, it boils down to if student order the entire breakfast, they MUST take at least 3 items with them to wherever they eat breakfast. If they choose not to eat the breakfast or a portion of the breakfast they can return that portion to the 'communal" table. Any food left on the communal table can then be put into the teacher's refrigerator or can be given to other children.

FYI...this entire plan correlates with the Play 60 grant that FMES wrote and was rewarded earlier this year. Those of you that received refrigerators a few weeks ago, those were purchased with the intent of housing any leftover food items for the students. If you have questions about BIC, feel free to ask them Wednesday during the faculty meeting.

It's Budget Time!

It's time to put together grade level budget requests for the coming year. Grade level chairs, please take the next few days to meet with and compile information/wish lists for next year. The requests can cover items in the following categories: Technology, Subscriptions, Subject Specific, Furniture, and Equipment. Completed grade level budget request forms should be submitted via Google docs by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19th at 3pm. This date is NOT flexible. Use the link below to complete the spreadsheet. Follow the link to access the spreadsheet:

Mid-year SLO's

It's time for mid-year SLO's! I will meet with all grade levels/teams Wednesday to complete the mid year SLO forms. If Mr. Griffin is your assigned evaluator, I will still meet with you, but he will go in at a later date to sign off. Special Services-please email me a time during the day either Wednesday or Thursday that we could meet. If you have questions or concerns about students that you are afraid will NOT meet the expected growth, this is the time to talk about them (especially if it was not addressed during the data team meetings). Each person will need a Chromebook or laptop so that we can sign off on the form. I don't anticipate this meeting taking your entire planning period, but it really will boil down to how in-depth our conversations become. All meetings will occur in the grade level chair's classroom. See you there!

Other Important Information

  • There is a faculty meeting Wednesday at 2:50. The focus will be Developing School Beliefs about Reading. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Mr. Griffin is administering Performance Task Assessment on Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 8am in the science lab. Hallways are expected to be silent and recess can not take place on the 4/5 playground until all testing is complete. There will be an announcement made to let you know when it is okay to go out.
  • I am out of the building all day Tuesday at a workshop in Chester.
  • ADVANC-ED IS COMPLETE!!! Thank you for your work on the initial evaluation and the narratives. Having your input really made a difference in the process and allowed us to write a School Improvement Plan that was true to who we are as a school. We look forward to sharing the SIP with you soon! Also, I know that for the last few weeks, Mrs. Wilson and Dr. Myers have not been as available as usual and Mr. Griffin and I haven't been as visible. We were putting their blood, sweat and tears (almost) into this process. I apologize for our absences! Now that it is over, expect to see us more! ;)
  • As a reminder, RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS DAY is Wednesday and Mrs. Hart does have a small activity for you to do with your class. She will email you with the details later this week. Be sure to emphasize the importance of Random Acts of Kindness to your students at all times, NOT just this week. Things as simple as opening doors, letting someone through when they are trying to get down the hallway and even carrying books are all small, kind gestures that can go a long way.

Most Valuable Player

The M.V.P. for the week...all staff members! Thank you for your flexibility with "Mix It Up Day". I think it was an absolute success! I saw many students and teachers having in depth conversations with students that they may have never even exchanged a simple hello with prior to Friday. Personally, I got to know A LOT about several of our students. Although, some of it had me scratching my head...LOL! All in all, it was a terrific activity! Thank you for your cooperation and a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Hart for coordinating it all.

Have a Terrific Week!