All About Me

By:Nick Dean

I Like To Play Sports.

I play baseball for Big League Academy and Bensalem Ramblers. I enjoy to watch football games on TV because i like how intense it is. For baseball my number is 6. I play basically every position.

I Like To Play With My Cats

When i am bored i always go to my cats to play with them it is very fun. I have this string and the cats always chase it and try to catch it while i am running. My cats names are Minnie , Ollie, and Joey.

I Like To Eat Pizza

My favorite kind of pizza is buffalo chicken pizza. When i eat it i like to fold it in half. It is best when it very spicy. When i eat plain i also fold it in half but i prefer to have ranch dressing with it.

I Like To Eat Hot Wings

I like to get my wings from stadium. When i at hot wings i drench it in blue cheese to help cool it off. I usually eat about 20 hot wings. They are one of my favorite foods.

I Like To Ride Bikes

The bike that i ride is a yellow haro and a black and gray mongoose. I usually ride my bike around the neighbor hood and to get to some places. I Do not fall alot but when i do it hurts alot.