Join us for this event!

Join us for the best festival in the whole city!

We have a end of the session festival to celebrate the graduating class of that session. Anyone can come and it will be a ton of fun! Also for people that aren't sure if they want to come to our camps can come and ask our volunteers and kids who are in session and graduating questions about our camps.

This Monday at 5!

This Monday at 5 we will have our festival with a BBQ, bouncy houses for the little ones, some small games like musical chairs, a lake to swim, and good old family times! Please come join us with some great family bonding and time to learn about our organization. This Monday at 5 at the location of Volente Beach Water Park. It will be from 5 to 9 and the tickets will cost 10$ for kids and 20$ for adults all the proceeds will go to our organization and we will use this money to upgrade our facilities.

How Our Fundraiser Will Be Set Up!

Guaranteed to be so much fun!

Come to our website and ask us questions!

Our website is at the end of our flyer and we hope you will look at it and ask any questions or get educated on suicide!


Come visit us, contact us by calling or emailing us or come visit our website!