Office Space Leasing FAQ’s

Office Space Leasing

Office Space Leasing FAQ’s

What are the Most Common Types of Rent?
The three most common types of rent for Office space deals are Triple Net (NNN), Modified Gross (MG) and Full Service (FS).

What is a Base Year?
Your operating expenses are determined by the base year. For example, if your company has a Full Service lease for 2014, then your fee for operating expenses is fixed for all of 2014. Office space deals.

Rentable Square Footage vs. Usable Square Footage:
Rentable square footage is the square footage for which you pay rent. It includes your office square footage as well as the Common Area square footage.( Office space deals)

What is a Common Area and Who is Responsible For it?
Common Areas are areas in a multi-tenant building that are used by all of the tenants. These areas can include the lobby, elevators, restrooms Office space deals and any other area that is an amenity to the Tenant.

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