7th and 8th Grade News

Week of May 9th

Hawk Happenings!

Hello Parents and Guardians!

It was great to see many of you at the Gala on Saturday! I had a great time, and I got to witness my outstanding Mom, Amparo Farias, win the Juan Diego Award. Needless to say, I was a pretty proud son, hence the bragging here. :) Anyways, here's what's going on this week!

End of the Year Finals

So as we wind down the school year, your student will be given several projects and tests to wrap up their learning. Those will include:

Pre-Algebra Final - June 8th

Chapters 4-8 will be tested on for Final

(Algebra 1 final for 8th graders will be according to Mr. Hung's schedule)

U.S. History Final - June 3rd

Will be an exam covering chapters 3 trough 7 that we went over in class in the last trimester.

Book Club Project English Final - May 25th and June 7th

Will be a project plus traditional book report essay. The project will be due on May 25th and the final draft essay will be due on June 7th.

Students will hear all of this information explained in tremendous detail tomorrow.

Student Council Campaigns begin!

Thank you so much to our first ever Student Council here at the Juan Diego Academy! We will have our final meeting this Friday where we will finalize our reward trip to Wild Waves, which will be ABSOLUTELY FREE for all the students INCLUDING FOOD. We will get out of our meeting on Friday at around 3:45pm. Thanks again to President Juliana, Vice President Kate, Secretary Erandy, PR Director Josselyn, Activities Director Sylvan, and Service Director Miguel! It's time for a new generation of STUCO!!!

Our candidates this year are:


Miguel Garcia Valenzuela (7th)

Breanna Nguyen (6th)

Vice President

Breanna Nguyen (6th)

*Rolando Hernandez (7th)

Jonathon Hadley-McCarthy (6th)

PR DIrector

*Elise Barkely (6th)

Ahtziri Montes (7th)


Jonathon Hadley-McCarthy (6th)

Isabella Bosteder (7th)

*Elise Barkley (6th)

Service Director

Esmeralda Herrera (7th)

Caleb Chaloner (6th)

Activities Director

Esmeralda Herrera (7th)

Caleb Chaloner (6th)

Christina Chen (6th)

(*= not able to run until parent permission slip is signed)

We're really excited! They will begin making posters and hanging them up in the halls of the schools. If they want, they can make elect-me buttons and pass them out at school, or small candies. But we ask for them not to pass out any baked goods or foods.