Winter the Dolphin

Alayna Bilek

Winter The Dolphin Blurb

Are you ready to dive into a good book? Have you ever heard of Winter the dolphin? If not this is the perfect book for you. Do you want to know where she lives or even why she is important? That’s all in this amazing book. I love Winter. I knew her even before she was famous. My favorite movie is Dolphin Tale. This book would definitely make you want to see that amazing movie. Does Winter need help today or does she wear here fake tail? How about you read this book and find out all the good details! Did you know Winter is the most amazing creature in the underwater sea? At least that’s what most people think. You will think that too after reading this book. This book tells you everything you need to know about this super cool, amazing creature. Winter even performs shows. If you ever go to see one, you will probably want to read more about her. If you see the AWESOME Winter, you should know Winter is not the only fun animal in her aquarium. There are also cool turtles, stingrays and so much more. I hope you have a great interest in Winter now, and please make your way to the first page. This book will sink you to excitement and make you want to splash your way to the very end.