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We need more skilled tradespeople!

Do you enjoy making things, being creative, solving problems and working in settings that are not in an office?

The world's economy will experience a major shift in the next decade with an increase in automation across every industry. We will need skilled technicians to design, maintain and repair modern automated machinery. An estimated 31 million skilled trade workers in the United States retired in 2020, and many of those jobs remain unfilled. Sixty-two percent of companies report that they struggle to fill skilled trade labor positions. There are great careers available in a variety of fields that are necessary for the operation of our society. They are high skill, high wage, high demand careers with a high degree of job satisfaction. We encourage you to explore your options and go through the following resources to see if they might be right for you.

How do I learn a trade?

There are several education and training choices for students looking to learn a trade.
  • Apprenticeship Earn money working while learning from a seasoned professional; many apprenticeship programs also include classroom learning; apprenticeships offer an opportunity to leave education and training with pay and without accumulating educational debt (see local programs below)
  • Trade/vocational school This is among the more expensive training options but takes the shortest amount of time (see opportunities below)
  • Community College degree or certificate program; some community colleges also offer apprenticeship programs that earn college credit (see specialty programs below)
  • Military Each armed service branch has opportunities to learn trades and get specialized training while serving in the military (automotive technology, diesel technology, electrician, avionics electronics specialist, aviation mechanic, firefighter, EMT, etc.). You can link to them at the bottom of this page.
  • 4-year University degree There are a variety of majors in the technical fields such as Engineering Technology, Construction, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Marine Engineering Technology, Facilities Engineering Technology, etc.

Apprenticeship Programs - Earn While You Learn

San Diego & Imperial Valley Community College Career Ed Resource

The San Diego & Imperial Valley community colleges have created this fantastic Career Ed resource to help link people to career industry sector community college programs that are hiring and growing and expected to continue to grow. The list of industry sectors is below with direct links to those pages on the resource. You can compare different programs in the same sector, see expected salary information and find the links to apply to the community college of your choice. It also has a great tool to find community college programs.

Local Community College Specialty Trade Programs

Skilled Trades Training Scholarships

Sample Trade School Programs

MCHS Military Resource Guide

Click here - You can learn a trade in the military also!

Xello Software Guide on College & Career Exploration

All MCHS students have accounts on Xello and can access the account through their suite of apps on MyPLAN

MCHS College Visits & More

College & Career Showcase Event and Community College Night Guide

MCHS Assistance Guide for 4-year College Applications

MCHS Guidance Dept guide to workshops and help on applying to 4-year colleges