TDAF and Night

by: Makenzie Rogers

Mr.Frank and Mr. Wiesel

Mr. Frank and Mr. Wiesel are similar because they both carry the weight of their family on their backs. They have to both take the position of the leader. Mr. Frank has to make sure everyone is following the rules so they don't get found. Mr. Wiesel has to protect him self and his son from being separated into different camps.

Peter and Eliezer

Peter and Eliezer are very similar because they both are shy and hide their feelings from others. Neither of them like to come out of their comfort zones. When the audience first met Peter he was a shy boy who kept to himself. Throughout "Night" we learned that Elie was shy and didn't talk to others like his father. Both characters have a stubbornness to them that is annoying to the other characters.

Event one

After the prisoners are separated by gender they were reunited with friends and family who were taken before them. The Franks and Van Dan's celebrated Hanukkah and rejoiced that they were still alive and had each other.

Event two

When the Frank's and Van Dans first arrive to their hiding place there are mixed emotions. They are both relieved that they are safe from the police, but they are also very scared about the unknown. When the Wieslers first arrive in the camp they are terrified. They are in a new place, and are treated like dogs. Both events mark the beginning of the holocaust for the family's.