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Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

We are so happy to have students back in the classroom. Whether it is virtual or in person, we are looking forward to a successful year. The Wilder School District is here to support you and your students. Please contact us and let us know how we can help meet your child's needs. We have many great resources to support our students and families.

Wilder Athletics

We have many fall sports in session. Check out for our athletics schedule.
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Wilder High School Homecoming Week

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Picture Day for Elementary students and staff

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 8am

210 A Avenue East

Wilder, ID

Picture Day for Middle and High School Students and Staff

Friday, Sep. 30th, 8am

419 Huff Road

Wilder, ID

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From Principal Dr. Zamora:

Wilder Elementary has had a great start to the school year. We have some new faces, including Mr. Warren in 4th grade and Mr. Jones as Vice Principal!

Additionally, as we start planning for the year, there has been some interest in re-starting a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). If you would be interested in participating in a PTO, please call Ms. Golden at the elementary office, and she'll take your information so we can invite you to our first meeting.

Middle & High School

From Principal Lindsey

I am humbled and honored to introduce myself as the new Principal of Wilder Middle/High School. As I begin my 11th year in the District, I am truly excited to continue serving the Wilder community in this new capacity.

My vision includes building relationships and partnering with students and families to achieve the highest level of success for students.

I am here to make every effort to support and encourage your child to reach his/her fullest potential. I pledge to provide my best to our students, as I will seek the same efforts from our staff and school community. Together we will continue to guide Wilder Middle/High School students through a learning environment that provides a bright future.

Idaho Future Ready Academy

From Principal Dr. Zamora:

Idaho Future Ready Academy (IFRA) students and staff are truly pioneers! Idaho's first and only mastery-based online school is in full swing! Our students are helping create an online opportunity that enhances established work in the Wilder School District buildings. As we move forward, feedback is always welcome as we lean into our Habits of Mind, including Creating, Imagining, and Innovating.

Additionally, IFRA is working on a fall school social activity in late September/early October. Stay tuned for an awesome opportunity to meet your teachers and peers in person!

From Superintendent Dr. Dillon

Tax relief to the Wilder School District patrons. The board of trustees voted to cap the COSSA Levy, which will reduce the potentially collected property taxes by 25%. Over the past few years, we have seen a skyrocketing property tax increase which is tied directly to our patron-approved COSSA levy. The increased funding, that comes from increased property taxes, grew significantly higher than the cost to support the COSSA programs for the district. It was our responsibility to balance the need with the property taxes collected and keep as much of your hard-earned money in our amazing patrons’ pockets.

As we budget into the future, it is our goal to continue to reduce the dependency on the local patrons with each and every dollar increase we are seeing from the state appropriated education funding. In addition, a way in which we see the support for increased state funding will come through our newly opened virtual school, Idaho Future Ready Academy. I am excited to announce that our partnership with a local charter school has provided a substantial increase in the IFRA enrollment. Our current enrollment in IFRA is over 200 students and puts the district's total enrollment at just over 700 students.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in a virtual approach to K-12 education please reach out to Dr. Zamora at (208)337-7400. This is a one of a kind virtual school in Idaho. There is no seat time for learning/credit. It is strictly based on the progress of the individual learner. The student, with parent and teacher support, set a pace for learning that is tailored to their abilities. For some students, it is a rapid pace and for others, it might be a little slower. Learning drives the student's pace, not the time or the calendar.

Are you interested in working for Wilder School District?

Several Positions Available:

Learning Development Assitant


Substitute Teachers

Assistant Basketball Coach

Contact Michelle

(208) 337-7400

District Team.

In addition to all of the wonderful teachers, Wilder has a great staff working behind the scenes to keep the district running. Here are just a few that you may need to know.

Dr. Jeff Dillon - Superintendent

Dena Lindsey - Middle/High School Principal

Dr. Alex Zamora - Idaho Future-Ready Academy and Elementary School Principal

Ross Jones - Vice Principal and Business Manager

Miren Lowry - Payroll/Accounts Payable Clerk

Michelle Carroll - Human Resources

Laura Shoemaker - Board Clerk/Communications Director

Michael Sienkiewicz - Technology Director

We will introduce more of our team in the coming months.