Arthropod Dissection - Vu - PAP Bio - 2 - 4/8/14


The objective of this dissection is to learn about the internal and external anatomy of arthropods, such as the grasshopper or crayfish, and their role in the ecosystem.
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About Arthropods

Arthropods are distinguished from other animals by having an exoskeleton, a body divided into three parts, jointed appendages, and bilateral symmetry. They are the largest phylum and make up about 90% of the animal kingdom.

Dissection (Crayfish)

Crayfish Dissection

Respiratory System

Crayfish breathe through gills, which are attached to walking legs and located behind the exoskeleton. The gills are attached to the legs because when the crayfish walks through the water, it circulates over the gills.