Super bowl 1 in the 60s

By:dalton crenshaw


The 60s topic I researched was the first super bowl ever played. The game was won by the Green Bay packers against the Kansas City chiefs. The Green Bay packers had a record of 12-2. That means the Green Bay won twelve out of the fourteen games they played. The Green Bay packers also lost two of the fourteen games they played. The Kansas city chiefs finished their season with a record of 11-2-1. That means Kansas city won eleven out of the fourteen games they played. They tied one game and lost two games they played. Green bay kept it constant with scoring at least seven points each quarter they played and kept Kansas city at ten from the second to the end of the game. The first two quarters were very competitive between green bay and Kansas city. By the first half was over green bay had fourteen points and Kansas city had ten. By the end of the game green bay beat Kansas city by 35-10.


The first super bowl was the start of something big that led up to super bowl 50. In the 60s people actually played for the game not money. Because of super bowl 1 more and more people started watching the super bowls. Less than 62,000 people saw Super bowl , now at super bowl 50 100 million saw it. Thanks to the green bay packers in the 60s the NFL won and kept their name.


The first super bowl impacted us with a huge economic change. Now before the game even begins a battle is already emerging between cities to get the super bowl to host at their city. They try to convince them that they are the best to host at so they can earn lots of money. Last years super bowl got a gross income of $719.4 million. Another reason is because super bowl 50 was estimated from a couple hundred to $800 million.

fun facts

  1. The highest ticket price was $12, now it is about $5,000
  2. In the 60s the most a football player made was $25,000 compared to $2 million today
  3. The Kansas city chiefs owner came up with the name super bowl from a bouncy ball toy
  4. The first super bowl did not sell out, 32,000 seats were empty
  5. The coaches wore coat and tie
Lost footage of the first Super Bowl resurrected and being broadcast