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The "Back to School" edition

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It might look like a long list, but I kept my comments short(er), so slow your scroll and check it all out!

  • update your phone business
  • EZ Scan for lap runners
  • Refresh your old iPad, if you are still rocking the original
  • #onenewthing--- Use your bookmark bar
  • Hueneme Shine photos
  • Password update reminder
  • H: Drive change reminder
  • AND... Edcamp Hueneme, we want you there!


Your phone extension--- is it different than last year?


Let's make sure your extension updated in our records and set up a new voicemail message! You are official!

  1. Next time you call someone, ask them if YOUR NAME came up on their display. If it DIDN'T, please put in a tech support ticket saying "Please update my phone extension to #### (but actually type the numbers)" and that number will get assigned to you.
  2. Set up your voicemail message so people know they reached you. Click on that image to the left to see the steps, or open the guide below.
Using your Phone Guide (PDF)

Click here to read all about it! Transfers, voice mail, party calls, oh yeah!


Accessing Student accounts

This link is always down in Flashback News, but since it is the beginning of the year, let me put it front and center for ya--- all the info about all the things. Open it up. It just might answer some questions.

Here are two common errors---

  1. Don't have students Google to find a link when the link is on the school website. Many times, the link is specific to our district (eg Accelerated Reader/Renaissance Place) and a google link doesn't work
  2. If you use Pearson Realize--- Your class is automatically rostered for you in Pearson. If you choose to use the Google Classroom button, you will have two classes. Make sure you use the same class everytime. So, be attentive.


EZ Scan Running

Is running laps part of your regular PE routine with your students? There is a program that will generate QR Codes for your students and they use an iPad to scan the code for every lap. You need (a) runners (b) an iPad or two--- and (c) to let me know so I can generate the QR codes for you.

Sounds like a fun math application for students to know how many laps they run in a week/month and calculate the distance. Send me an email if you are interested. (Hi! I'm Liz


Device Refresh (for those who missed it last year)

If you are still rocking the original iPad 4 that doesn't update anymore, this may be your last chance to update.

Also-- if you are a certificated employee with a contract who should have a mobile device, but never received one, this is for you, too!

You need to complete this form in the month of September, and decide if you want to trade your current iPad for an updated iPad or a chromebook. We will take care of the rest and let you know when it is ready for you!

If this is you, don't pass it up. Now is the time. (Hey, you, reading this newsletter.... tell a few people you work with that they should read the newsletter too. It is what good friends do.)

Click the button below and do your thing.

The Great iPad Refresh of 2019 (GForm)

This is your chance--- if you have the really old on, or not one at all and you should, click it!


#onenewthing--- Bookmark Bar

Hello, people who use computers, and teachers of students with Chromebooks!

This. Is. A. Gamechanger! Make your workflow so easy by having your most used sites a click away! This is a tip for Chromebook using students, too. Don't keep the good stuff to yourself!

Bookmark Bar #onenewthing


Hueneme Shine photos

Remember that one time when the Back to School pep rally... was REALLY. ACTUALLY. A Pep Rally? Me, too, and it was cool!

Get your greenscreen photos here! Click that red button to open the Google Folder and get your picture! Didn't stop by to get a photo with your team? Don't forget next year!

Google Folder of Greenscreen Photos from Shine 2019

Must be signed into acct. Please download and share responsibly and respectfully.


Have you changed your password yet?

Easy and done! Remember, this is the password to sign onto a district computer, sign into wifi, access your gmail, etc.

All passwords that haven't been changed in the last year will expire after Labor Day weekend. And with that--- we launch our "improved security-- reset your password at the start of every school year" program!

Are you one who wants step by step instructions to read? We got you! Click the image to the left and open it up! Hey, cool!

NOTE--- this password is not the same as your Q password, which gets reset through Q.

(But you know what I do? Whenever Q makes me change it, I go to the homepage to password reset and change my district one to the same thing. Because I like things to match.)


Are you wondering why you can't edit your H:Drive files? Then you should watch this video!

Using File Stream #onenewthing


Edcamp Hueneme won't be the same without our Hueneme teachers (that just may be YOU!)

Edcamp Hueneme. You want to come. We are hoping for our biggest year ever!

Pancakes, learning, conversations, sunshine, raffles, getting to know each other better... we love Edcamp Hueneme!

Secure your free ticket today! Limited edition give away, so get your ticket now!

Saturday September 21 from 8ish to 12ish

Because we really want you to be part of it!

Invite teacher friends from all over. It is IN Hueneme, but it is FOR everyone!

Big picture
WE WANT YOU THERE--- so click here to register!

Seriously-- pancakes, prizes and incredible teacher collaboration!?! It's a dream come true!


Big picture


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