Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

All of 1st grade had their Fact Check # 2 data entered early without reminders!

1st/2nd Grade Math PLC has their agenda's planned out based on what they need until the end of January! Go Team!

Week at a Glance: December 3rd-7th

PTO Penguin Patch Open in room 400 all week.

Jump Rope for Heart in PE

Monday-Black Day

Kinder PLC

3rd Grade Field Trip

2nd Grade Sci DCC #2

1:15-1st Cohort PD

2:10-Kinder Cohort PD

Mayra Torres on campus

Penguin Patch Monday Schedule

9:00 James

9:30 Beck

10:00 Gerstenberger

10:30 Morgan

1:00 Andaya

1:30 Johnson

2:00 Davis

Tuesday-Red Day

3rd/4th ELA PLC

7:00-Content Leader Meeting

1st Grade Planning Day

8:30-4th Cohort PD

9:30-3rd Cohort PD

6:00-Cultural Expo

Penguin Patch Tuesday Schedule

9:00 Henry

9:30 Korabek

10:00 Sznajder

10:30 Hargitay

1:00 Staton

1:30 Gasper

2:00 Gunnell

Wednesday-White Day

3rd/4th Math PLC

3rd Grade Math BM (Switch 1st & 3rd Specials)

10:20-2nd Grade Cohort PD

Kona Ice During Lunches

3:30 Part 3: Trauma Informed Teaching

4:00-4th Grade Science Team Meeting

Penguin Patch Wednesday Schedule

9:00 Hooper

9:30 Kolenda

10:00 Feagin

10:30 Haugen

1:00 Fleming

1:30 Gonzalez

2:00 Marler

Thursday-Black Day

1st/2nd Math PLC

4th Grade Math BM (Switch 4th and Kinder Specials)

11:00-PTO Meeting

3:30-GOTR Practice Run

Penguin Patch Thursday Schedule

9:00 Guerra

9:30 Heard

10:00 Sheranko

10:30 Simon

1:00 Artusy

1:30 Matthews

2:00 Rivera

Friday-Red Day

K/1st/2nd Grade ELA PLC

Math Review Quiz

4th Science DCC #2

Penguin Patch Friday Schedule

9:00 Perzel

9:30-10:30 Open Shopping for those who missed

Girls on the Run Race Day on Saturday!!!

Notes from Malinda

Where is Malinda?

I will be attending the Learning forward conference from Sunday through Wednesday. Please text (903) 920-7667 or email me if you need me. Mrs. Sciba will be on campus for any daily needs.

Penguin Patch

Please see schedule posted above. You will take your class to room 400. Students should have their envelope ready with a plan for each family member. PTO volunteers will be there to assist students with shopping.

Parent Involvement Events

Below is a list to help clarify the evening events that you should plan to attend:

Family Movie Night-11/30/18 (3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and Specials)

Multi-cultural Expo- 12/4/18 (Bilingual Teachers)

Literacy Night- 1/29/19 (K-4th ELA Teachers, Sped Teachers, Mrs. Miller & PK)

Specials Night-2/12/19 (2nd Grade, Sped Teachers, Mrs. Miller & PK)

Math/Science Night-3/19/19 (K-4th Math/Science Teachers)

ELA Adoption

This is an adoption year for ELA. You will begin seeing materials soon after the Thanksgiving Break. Jeannie Moore is serving as our campus rep for the committee. Your voice needs to be heard! There will be a time that feedback is requested for the selection committee. Please make your voice heard. We want this to be a useful resource. I have heard there will be classroom library options!!! Yay!!!

A showcase will be held on December 3rd at Oakridge 9th grade campus from 4:00-7:30.

Staff Birthdays

Jeannie Moore 12/1