12th Grade Eportfolio

McDowell Early College

Personal Biography

Hi, my name is Brooke Robinson. I am eighteen years old and my birth date is August 3rd, 1997. I was born and raised here in McDowell County. I am a Senior at McDowell Early College and I am majoring in Science. I chose to be here for five years to get my two year Associates degree. I really wanted to do the four year, but I didn't want to rush. I have always had a passion to work with athletes especially since I love to play basketball for the school every year. I want to go to Western Piedmont and be in their dental hygiene program but after I get my two year associates degree I plan on transferring to NCAT for something. My plan is to not rush to get out of McDowell but to feel confident before I hopefully head to Greensboro soon.
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Academic Record

9th Grade:

Algebra 1- 92

American History- 84

Earth/Environ Science- 86

Freshman Seminar- P

Honors English 1- 78

10th Grade:

CIS 110- A

Math Honors- 89

American History- 80

English 111- B

English 2- 85

Physics- 93

Sophomore Seminar- P

11th Grade:

Seminar- P

Biology- 89

12th Grade: 1st Semester

Seminar- P

English 242- A



12th Grade: 2nd Semester


English 242- A




EOC Scores:

10th grade English I: TBA

10th grade Algebra I: TBA

Compass Score:

Reading: N/A

Writing: N/A



Academic Plan and Progress at MEC/MTCC-

My plan is to stay at McDowell Early College for one more year (5 years) and go into Western Piedmont's dental hygiene program.

MTCC Major: Associates In Science


Setting goals and trying to achieve them is a struggle for everyone.

(Academic Goal ) Spanish is really difficult for me. The test and quizzes are getting tougher and tougher. Its stressful trying to learn a new language but I know I can get through it if I just keep working and studying hard.

(Academic Goal) I want to focus on biology. So far its been a struggle. I struggle juggling around when to study for what I need to know and how much I need to actually study. I really hope to come out with a B but I will aim for A!

(College and Career goals) My college and career goal is to be sure about what I want to do and make sure that I am ready for the challenges that college will bring.

I will stay motivated and not give up just to achieve and get stronger as a student. This quote by Calvin Coolidge helps me to show that I do have potential in myself and to not give up. "Press on. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence."

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Compentency 1: Care for and contribute to your community with collaboration, leadership, and respect.

In my family we are working on ways to help the homeless. At my church Greenlee Baptist Church we always fill up bags full of usable items during each holiday because that's when people struggle the most. We want to raise awareness and fundraisers. In family we plan on donating clothes and food to the homeless shelter. Our will to aid the people in need is within reach. It can be accomplished by doing many fundraisers (bake sales, smores, hot chocolate and a chili lunch. We also plan on working at the homeless shelters shop to benefit them because they need volunteers. We want to raise awareness by partnering with others schools to get help with the mission. We are working together as a family to help the homeless and help benefit them. Are goal is to help reduce homeless in McDowell County by collaborating with our shelters. We believe as a group that all people deserve the greatest essentials of life, and the community in which we live in is headed to serve this purpose. This can be helpful as I get older to be a leader in my community where ever I go. It can also effect me by seeing how people really live and how to be more grateful. I think a lot of people need to take charge in helping others and not put them down.

Competency 2: Take responsibility for your own learning, plan for your future college and career, advocate for yourself, and persevere

I think finding my own way of learning things can help me be successful. I plan on working on my study habits that way I can be a better test taker. If I mess up on something I do it again! I cant wait to see how my college and career goals will unfold when I get to that level in my life soon. When I get to college I want to have a solid idea of what I want to be. I want to already be successful at taking test and communicating well with my instructors. By volunteering at McDowell Hospital it helped me figure out my career goal. I worked with different therapists and I got experience at the cash register and communicating with people by working at the gift shop. I have noticed that by taking care of myself and finding ways to be more successful as a person and as a student. This can help me in the future by being a more responsible and independent student and daughter.

Competency 3: Ask good questions, solve complex problems, and think critically/creatively

I grew up not being scared to ask questions and I have always felt unconfident in myself trying to solve difficult problems. I have always been a hard worker and have always tried to find new ways to better myself in difficult situations other than asking for help. I have realized through the past couple of years I have gotten better at finishing class assignments quicker by using free time wiser. I have also figured out ways to understand complex problems. I have also understood that its okay to ask questions and that it doesn't make you a horrible person but shows you care about your knowledge. I have just learned to ask because some others may not understand and by you asking can help others.

Competency 4: Interpret and analyze text and use textual evidence.

In civics, we have to read documents and analyze what they are talking about. We read many documents about laws and certain documents dealing with our rights and freedom. We have to see what the document is about and what started it and when did it start. Now in class we have had our own court case for different reasons. Mine was Plessy v Ferguson and that dealt with black and whites and the right for equal protection. I had to see if it was a civil or criminal case and the constitutional issue. What the plaintiff had to say and the defendant. I think learning how to analyze and interpret text is what helps me fully understand something like huge documents that are tough to read. If I break them down I can understand what is saying a hole lot better.

Competency 5: Understand and use numbers, data, mathematical formulas, and finances.

Math is my hardest subject! I haven't had to take a math class this year. I did take one last year and I had a lot of online math assignments to do on certain times. We also had group projects to do with other people in the class. We also had to use a lot of formulas that we had to memorize and a lot of times when we had tests they would give us a formula sheet. Doing the online math work really helps you to understand and find the ways of figuring out math problems easier. In math classes I have always had a hard time using formulas and also the steps to be done in the formula.

Competency 6: Communicate clearly, elegantly, and creatively in a variety of formats.

I am starting to learn how to speak loud and clearly in front of people. I loved taking public speaking last summer because it challenged me to speak and be comfortable doing it. I have had to write and speak about many assignments and done fun group activities with people in the class. The teacher I had made getting up and talking in front of people really easy! He always assigned fun projects and assignments. I really enjoyed the blogs about our day or week. Because of him I have learned to become more fluent and strong in my speaking face to face and even online by doing my blackboard discussion boards. I actually don't get afraid to get up and talk in front of people I actually like it. I could use this in the future because as I get in college it can prepare me to speak loud and fluent for any assignment that needs to be done or spoken in front of the teacher or the class. It can also help me to communicate with my professors and other students. Since I am wanting to be a dental assistant I have to learn to communicate with people and put a smile on my face and be kind regardless.

Competency 7: Use technology ethically and skillfully.

I am constantly on my computer whether I am doing projects for seminar or writing assignments for my college classes. I am taking Psychology and English online so I am constantly writing papers and doing discussion boards. For my papers I have to have correct fonts (Times New Roman, 12) and double spaced. Getting my information is very important before I write my papers. I have to make sure I site everything properly whether it comes out of the book or online. For discussion boards we have to interact with our classmates online. We have a topic to discuss and then we submit it and its gives my classmates an opprutunity to agree with me and state some important information they found out. I think using technology is very helpful because it helps get things done smoother and also it can help in many jobs. Some people have to present information for their jobs and others are receptionist and having to multi-task. This can help me in my future to know I have many different options on how to do things online.