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Week of May 2, 2016


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From Grace

Aloha, everyone! Happy Teacher and Health Team Appreciation Week to all! While this week is set aside to thank teachers everywhere for the work they do, I know that one week is not nearly sufficient to show the necessary gratitude for the myriad ways teachers make a difference in the lives of kids and their families. And, when you think about it, this means making a difference in the great wide world. That's pretty amazing. When you consider that every adult who works at Mathews is a teacher of students, from academics to social to learning how to manage emotions, that's one ginormous impact we're making.

We have a little something special planned for you each day this week. I hope you feel the love and appreciation from all around. This week's Reflective Practitioner isn't an article at all, but a picture that I hope brings a peaceful moment to your busy day and a thank you video that celebrates you and the difference you make. Enjoy!

Have a happy week, even with the pressure of testing looming. Look at your students and know your work is important. Smile at your colleagues and offer encouragement to all. Together, we have something inside so strong and are passing that gift to our students.

The Reflective Practitioner

A Picture and A Video :)

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An Open Letter to Teachers From a College Professor

Weekly Team Planning Template Link

Weekly Events - School Health Team and Teacher Appreciation Week!

Monday, May 2, 2016 - C Day

  • EOY Circle Progress Monitoring Window Opens
  • Final Swim Lesson - 11:45 am - YMCA - Alma, Sharon, Suzie
  • MFC Meeting - 12:00 pm - Library - Grace, Ruthann
  • ARD - 1:00 pm - Learning Lab 1 - Stefanie, Janie, Robin, Grace
  • Calendaring Meeting - 3:00 pm - Library - All Interested
  • Fairy Tale Theater Dress Rehearsal - 3:00 pm - Cafeteria - Chad

Tuesday,May 3, 2016 - A Day

  • 504 Meeting - 12:30 pm - Office - Robin, Chad, Diana Mc.G, Wendy, Grace
  • Fairy Tale Theater Dress Rehearsal - 3:00 pm - Cafeteria - Chad

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - B Day - May the Fourth be With You!

  • STAAR Prep - 8:00 am-2:00 pm - Office - Grace
  • EOY Math - 2nd Grade - 8:00 am - Classrooms - Angela, Monica, Sicily
  • Fairy Tale Theater Performance - 6:00 pm - Cafeteria - Chad, Grace

Thursday, May 5, 1016 - C Day - Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  • EOY Reading - 8:00 am - Classrooms - Angela, Monica, Sicily
  • Teacher Appeciation Luncheon - 10:30 am-1:00 pm - Library - All Invited
  • ARD - 1:15 pm - Learning Lab 2 - Claudia, Robin, Margaret, Grace
  • Staff Meeting - 3:00 pm - Library - All - Class Lists

Friday, May 6, 2016 - A Day

  • School-wide Assembly - 7:45 am - Gym - All - Stefanie's Class Presents/Cinco de Mayo Presentation
  • Fairy Tale Theater School Performance - 9:00 am - Cafeteria - All Invited
  • 504 Meeting - 10:15 am - Office - Robin, Sicily, Wendy, Grace
  • PALS - 12:30 pm - Cafeteria - Robin, 6th Grade
  • 6th Grade Spring Dance - 6:00 pm - Cafeteria/Gym - Corinda, Kellie, Grace

For Your Information


  • If you need something, ask.
  • If you haven't already, make sure to take the Educator's Ethics Course through AISD's HCP.
  • Make sure to utilize reading/writing workshop and small group instruction during core.
  • Remember to take attendance daily on TEAMS.
  • Arrive and pick up your class from special areas on time - respect each other's time.
  • Ensure 504, IEP, ELL, and Gifted Accommodations are being followed
  • Actively supervise your students - Spread out at recess to monitor each area.
  • Check our calendar for important events
  • Try something new and have fun!

Kudos: Do you know of something good? Share it with Grace to be included here or write it in the comments below!

  • To Alma for stepping in to calm an upset child in the hallway.
  • To Amy for quickly taking over Katherine's class, without being asked to do so, when Katherine was working with a student and the class needed a teacher.
  • To Maria and Julie for all they do to keep our school running smoothly!
  • To Michelle for coordinating Elise's going away party and to Steve, Suzie, and Jennifer for pitching in to provide goodies!
  • To Paula and her class for reminding us to keep our school clean!
  • To Claudia and her class for teaching us about our new pond!
  • To Suzie and her class for creating beautiful posters to remind us to throw away our trash!
  • To everyone for a smooth and yummy Jim Jim's thank you on Friday afternoon!
  • To Cindy S and Diana McG for presenting our students coding work at the AISD workshop on Saturday!
  • To Claudia, Monica, and Diana McM for representing the Green Team as they received the Monarch Heroes Award on Saturday!

Upcoming Events:

  • STAAR Testing - May 9-11
  • Fine Arts Night - May 12
  • Principal's Coffee - May 13
  • 1st Grade Parent Maker Movement - May 17
  • Tapestry Dance Performances - May 17
  • AISD Salute! - May 17
  • 3rd-6th Grade Math Training - May 18
  • SEL Committee Meeting - May 18
  • Preservation Austin/Clarksville Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - May 21
  • 100th Birthday Planning Meeting - May 24
  • Staff Development Day - May 27
  • School Holiday - May 30
  • Final School-wide Assembly of the Year - June 1
  • Last Day of School and 6th Grade Graduation - June 2

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