by Mariha

My Genius

My name is Mariha. My genius is that I like to help. Whenever somebody I know has a problem or needs help figuring out a situation, they come to me for help or advice. I enjoy helping anyone I can, even complete strangers. I love to help people because of the good feeling it gives me. When I see someone who needs help I think to myself if I was that person would I want someone to help me? Of course, an extra set of hands is always nice. I believe in karma, and that when you do good for others you will receive good.This is my contribution because I can use this on a national and even global level to help people all over the world.

Breaks My Heart

What breaks my heart the most in this world is when parents do not put their babies as their top priority. Like when you can see their parents around spending money on unnecessary things instead of getting what their children need. Another example of this is when parents are drug users and neglect their children and spend their money on their bad habits. If people made the choice to have sex knowing they could get pregnant and truly cannot give up their bad choices for the benefit of their child they should give their baby up and give them an opportunity for the life they deserve. I feel as though the government should do more to make sure children are being taken care of.

Greatest Fears

My biggest fear is something happening to my child and there is no way I can help or save him.There is no worse feeling that being helpless. My second biggest fear is probably that I will fail as a parent.I try my hardest every day.My other fears really only have to deal with losing people who mean the most to me. Another fear that I have is that he will stop breathing while he’s sleeping, this makes me check on him probably around 75 times throughout the night. I am scared of losing my grandmother, she is the ROCK of our family. I think our whole family would fall apart without this woman. She pretty much raised all of my cousins and myself, she might as well be our mother. Everyone in our family is scared of losing her, so we kind of joke about how she is going to outlive us because she’s a vampire and that’s how she keeps us all going. Another big loss I’m hoping to avoid as long as possible is my mom.Although its not very practical to hope for the most time with her due to her health issues. And I know people all eventually die sometime, and even though she’s not really physically around us a lot I couldn’t imagine not being able to call her when I need to talk to someone or need advice or help with something. She’s one thing that has always been the same, always there to talk to. I am terrified of what I am going to do when her time comes.

My Biggest Dreams

If you asked me two years ago my dreams were only limited to getting into dental school and graduating high school. Now my biggest dream is to open my own orthodontist and dental office in Colorado Springs. Ever since I was little I have wanted to work with teeth. Its something about giving someone that perfect smile that gives them a little confidence boost that can never get old.

I have it planned out in order to achieve my goal. First I’m going to do my general studies to get them out of the way. At this time I will also be going for my Associates of Science. After I complete my generals I will go on to a dental hygiene program in colorado springs that will take approximately eighteen months. From here I will start working as a hygienist. This will allow me to go back to school for pre-dentistry. After pre-dentistry it will be time for me to go to dental school.