Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.

An American Aviator

By Justin Clark

Early Life

He was born on February 4, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised on a farm in Minnesota by his father which was a lawyer and a congressman. Lindbergh studied mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin before leaving school to pursue his interest in aviation. He then moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where he made his first solo flight in 1923. At 22 years old, he enlisted in the U.S Army as an army air service reserve pilot. He later became an airmail pilot, flying to and from St. Louis and Chicago.

What He Is Famous For

The main thing Charles Lindbergh is famous for was when he did the first solo transatlantic flight in 1927. He flew from St. Louis to France in 33.5 hours all by himself. He is also famous because he flew for the Army against Germany in WWII.

Impact on Life in the 1920's

Charles Lindbergh made a big impact on peoples lives because they could now start traveling across the oceans in the sky. It is still very risky to, but now people actually know it's possible. He also helped win the war against the Nazis. One last thing he made an Impact on was to always keep an eye on your children, because his son was kidnapped and murdered right before he flew across the ocean.
Charles Lindbergh Flies the Atlantic Solo (1927)