Cheetah Wrap Up

The First Day of School

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Who's Who, What's What, What's Where, and Who's Where????

The first day of school has come and gone. We spent the day renewing friendships and making new friends! Our new students toured the school learning where the different classrooms and teachers are located. All of our students were introduced to the classroom routines and expectations. They will practice these the next several weeks while beginning their course of studies. Our 6th and 7th graders who are in our Blended Learning program learned how to access and navigate through their courses and shared some get to know you information with their teachers. We are looking forward to our second day of school tomorrow!

Updates and Reminders

1. When we change the door security code I will enotify you and we will have the new code available for you at the front desk.

2. Specials classes will not begin until this Thursday, September 3rd.

3. Students may wear their academic uniform the remainder of the week unless they have PE on Thursday or Friday-if so, they should come to school dressed in their PE uniform if they are in grades Junior Kindergarten-second grade. If they are in grades 3rd-7th they should come to school dressed in their academic uniform and bring their PE uniform to change into.

4. School Lunch begins tomorrow. If you have not already ordered school lunch for your child, he/she will have to bring a lunch from home until you have placed your order.

5. Coach Curt will be sending home our After School Enrichment Offerings later this week. These programs are open to all students regardless of their participation in our After School Care program.

Thank You

Thanks to our students, families, and teachers for a FANTASTIC FIRST DAY of SCHOOL!