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PFM Efficient Running Courses - technique for ALL runners

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New format, split course for busy runners juggling everything!

Meeting Tuesday evenings 7pm at Parliament Hill Fields Athletic Track, Hampstead, London

Course A: Drill, Flowing Running & Hills £70pp

Course B: Speed, Pacing & Cruise Intervals £70pp

Course C: A+B £120pp

(price excludes track fees/locker fees)

Split Course Programme, Summer/Autumn 2013


Back to back Tuesdays for coaching reinforcement

16.7.13 : Towards Posture and Form. Understanding running biomechanics; discovering pre-running ‘Drill’; defining running efficiency through dynamic muscle use & elastic recoil.

23.7.13 : Finding Cadence and Flow. Revisiting ‘Drill’; progressing to refine fluid, flowing running; cadence experimentation for optimised running form.

30.7.13 : Hills! The ease of defying gravity using the biggest muscles!

Break for Summer Holidays

COURSE B (only available to runners who've completed Course A):

Alternate Tuesdays to comfortably increase run volume

17.9.13 : Tracking Speed via Efforts and Paces. Flowing from Drill, to Free Running to Sustainable Speed, all with maximum output from minimum effort.

1.10.13 : Pacing. The all-important art of pacing; refining use of perceived effort levels over 5km distance.

15.10.13 : Cruise Intervals. The best run session EVER! Discovering how to gobble up distances so easily you'll wonder why everyone doesn't do it.

Maximum of 12 runners per course.

Coaching supported by album downloads from Barefoot Audio Ltd to assist form between sessions

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