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Weekly Tips and Tricks!

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Each week we will be sharing some tips, tricks, ideas, and celebrations from the week! If we have lots of questions about something or see any really cool ideas we will be sharing them here! Y'all are all ROCKSTARS and are doing great things!

You can walk slow, you just can't walk backwards!

Jacque and Tracy

Student Call Out

Student Call Out is an app that allows teachers to pull from a virtual can of students. You can pick to have them out of the can until everyone has had a turn or put them back in the can. Great for encouraging the no opt out rule in your classroom!


Skitch is a tool that enable you to take a picture, screen shot, map, etc. and annotate it. The possibilities truly are endless and applicable across contents! How could you use skitch in your classroom? Tweet your ideas and tag @jkprater13 and #URLearning

Ways to use Skitch!

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