Parenting Fitness for the New Year

Haynes Bridge Middle School

HBMS is proud to welcome parenting expert Sharon Egan M.S., CPC!

Friday, February 1st from 12 noon to 1:30pm:

“Raising Responsible Kids: How your child’s mistakes can be their greatest tool for success”

Tuesday, February 19th from 7:00pm to 8/8:30pm:

“Tired of Power Struggles? The Key to Eliminating Arguing (with anyone)”

Do these statements ring true for you?

· “My child will lose anything.“

· “I am so tired of having to remind my child to do everything.”

· “When will she learn?

· “Homework is a daily battle.”

· “They just don’t listen.”

· “I am losing my patience.”

· “My kids are always arguing with me.”

· “They are always pushing my buttons.”

Come join Parenting Expert Sharon Egan M.S., CPC on February 1st and February 19th for a lively and interactive presentation as she provides you with simple and easy to use tools and techniques to raise more responsible children and to eliminate power struggles once and for all.

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You can RSVP Online here or by calling 770-740-7030.

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