Ancient Egyptian Government

By: Kamdyn Morton

The Government Basics

.The head of the government was the pharaoh

.The way the government worked, everything belonged to the pharaoh

.Every pharaoh had an army, police force, and a large number of minsters

Court Systems in Ancient Egypt

. The Egyptians had a court system

. There was a lower court and a higher court

. The lower court was made of elders in each town

. The higher court was made of the pharaoh as the judge

How disputes were settled

. To settle a dispute you went to the lower court, both sides were heard then a decision was made based on the facts presented

. If you did not like the decision that was made you would go to the Vizier (high official)

. The Vizier gave a concise report on what was happening all over Ancient Egypt

A guilty verdict

. If you were found guilty you would be punished and exiled

. If exiled your children would be exiled with you

. The Vizier had the power to find you guilty but gave you a lesser punishment