How Poverty affects students lives

Abigail Lopez


Poverty is the lack of resources such as food, water, schools, people that come from a lowincome family. About 21,000 people die every day of hunger.The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severe poverty. Poverty Reduction is a major goal in the world.

The effects of Poverty

Unable to concentrate or focus. Unable to interact with peers and/or adults in school. Does not complete assignments. Does not study for tests. Does not come to school prepared to learn.  

Life in the home of Poverty

Children in poverty, it starts at home.  They suffer from physical and emotional abuse, neglect, and forced labor. Its exclusively caused by adults. Adults often become prone to violence, losing patience if not hope, and gradually lose a sensitivity that is vital for the healthy development of children. The consumption of drugs and alcohol is another factor that directly fuels child abuse and further entrench children in poverty.

How children often feel

The children that suffer from Poverty feel sad, lonely, bullied, and crumbled. They get emotional and Physical abuse easily than other kids because of the home they are growing up in, it truly is sad.