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Still thirsty for more learning even after school is done? Look no further than this newsletter! It is filled with activities to keep your mind engaged so you are as sharp as ever when you return to Armistead Gardens School in August!

Summer Activities Online



Grades: PK-5

Skills: Language Arts, Math, foreign language, technology, etc.

Description: A variety of skills are offered on this free online resource.

How to access: Click/type the link above in your web browser. Select the appropriate grade and enjoy!

Brain Pop (Jr.)

Link: OR

Grades: All grades (Jr is K-3)

Skills: Arts, STEM, English, Health, Social Studies

Description: Check out various activities and videos. Come back each day for a new feature.

How to access: Click/type the link above and select free stuff.

Dream Box


Grades: K-8

Skills: Math

Description: Students can practice math skills in a fun game-style atmosphere.

How to access: Click/type the link above, find the correct teacher, and enter the correct user information. Grades K-1 have picture passwords. Grades 2-8 have their ID as the username and password. Download the app and play on an iPad using the school code hh6k/c63v.



Grades: 6-8

Skills: Math

Description: Students can practice many math skills and get immediate feedback.

How to access: Click/type the link above, then enter the student ID for username and password.

RAZ Kids


Grades: K-5

Skills: Reading

Description: Students can practice their reading skills by reading through various books on their level.

How to access: Click/type the web address above. Students will enter their 2015-2016 teacher's name (first initial, then last name), find the student's name, and enter their password.



Grades: PreK - 2

Skills: Math and Reading

Description: Practice many early math and reading skills with this engaging resource!

How to access: Click/type the address above. Enjoy a lot of free activities. You can authorize your computer to get more content with the information below:

Student Portal


Grades: ALL

Skills: Various

Description: Many student apps are available for students to continue their learning, such as:

  • First in Math
  • Khan Academy
  • Discovery Education

How to access: Click/type the link above, then select LOG IN. Student will enter their school username (ID) and password (created at school). Explore the different apps available and enjoy!

Armistead Gardens School

Principal: Mrs. Tillman-Cromartie

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Casagrande

Assistant Principal: Mr. Darago

If you have any log in questions, you can contact the school at the number below.