By: Pam Munoz Ryan


Otto is playing hide and seek with his friends in the forest and he soon gets lost finding his way back. He finds 3 sisters that are characters in the book he was reading. He also tells them about a harmonica he owns and they tell him it is more than just a mouth harp. They help him get back. From then on he starts to carry it everywhere. Later, Ivy, Friedrich, and Mike all possess the same harmonica Otto had. They discover its magical sound and they discover new things. They all face difficult challenges but end up doing something they always dreamed of doing.

Thematic Quote

"it is wiser to stay where there are more opportunities" pg 460
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Characterization Inference

The character, Mike, is responsible because he said "no matter what happens to me you have to protect Frankie (his younger brother)"

Dynamic Character

One dynamic character in Echo is Elizabeth.

. "So much has changed for me....." "Elizabeth how could you"

Personal Connection

For example my mom wants me to do things when I have the chance because the same opportunities are not always there.

World Connection

Mozart was 3 when he was offered to play for the Queen so he did and everybody was inspired and amazed.


The symbol I chose is a music clef because the characters in this book are musicians and play the harmonica and they grow up to be great musicians and play at Carnegie Hall.

Point of View

This book is in 3rd Point of View. I think this impacted the story because there are 3 parts to this book with 3 different character's stories and the POV made it understandable and clear.