Preserving through the worst and hardest adversities!

Kid President

Robby Novak is best known as a boy who likes to inspire others by acting like a Kid President.He is an inspirational and positive kid.He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. With osteogenesis it is hard for him to play games like football, or baseball because he can break his bones easily. He can break them so easily because bones are so weak. His sister Lexi, also has the disease but both of them act like nothing is wrong. Despite these adversities, he remains strong, happy, positive, and inspirational.He showed perseverance because he has had more than 70 surgeries but he still acts like a normal kid. He makes videos for others to make them positive and happy, and when he makes those videos they help him stay positive! He also never gives up when he is at the hospital for his injection to make his bones stronger. Robby once said “Doing nothing is a great way to change nothing.” What he was saying was that if people want to try to change something they are going to have to work for it. That they can’t sit around just hoping it will happen. He also said “ BE somebody who makes EVERYBODY feel like SOMEBODY.” He was saying make people feel good about themselves because when you do you will feel good about yourself as well. If one person makes everybody tries to make everybody happy then more and more people will start trying too.

Jackie Robinson

How would you feel if you weren't allowed to play your favorite sport? That's how Jackie Robinson felt when people said that he couldn't play baseball because he was African-American. Branch Ricky didn't think this was fair. Robinson and him worked together to break the color barrier. Robinson was the first African-American to play in the Major Lead Baseball. Branch Ricky wanted to help because he once had a African-american try to rip his skin off and was complaining how he wish he was white. They worked together and neither one of the gave up on their goal. Robinson wasn't able to completely break the color barrier, but he did give others a chance to show themselves and be able to play the sport they wanted even if they were African-american.

Losing to Win

Carroll County is a place in Tennessee where 19.6% of the residents live below the poverty line, and 12.3% are unemployed. There are a lot of kids who don’t have a safe and comfortable house to live in, and a lot of people can go more than two days without food or water. The kids get addicted to drugs and alcohol, have a low self-esteem, lie, sneak, end up in juvenile detention. In Tennessee they decided to build a school called Carroll Academy. If you go to Carroll Academy you learn how to gain back your self-esteem, learn how to cope with anger, sadness, fear, etc., learn how to be determined, and confident. You will learn all these things by playing sports. The girls basketball team there is called The Lady Jags. They have a streak of 212 loses and have only won 6 games in the past 14 years. But the girls don’t care about their loses, all they think about is that they tried their hardest and they never gave up on themselves or the team. Their loses help them learn how even though things get hard they shouldn't give up and they have to give it all they got. When the kids leave Carroll Academy their teachers want them to leave knowing that they are confident, determined, brave, and have a good self-esteem. This shows perseverance because they started at the bottom with nothing and they were told what to do and when to do it, and instead of fighting they listened. What they didn't know was that they weren't just improving their lives they were improving others as well.

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