P.E.D in Sports

By; Alexis Ortega

Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in sports ?

No, PED's shouldn't be allowed in sports because using them has many negative side effects, it's the easy way out of working hard, and it can make an athlete lose everything he has worked for.

Negative side effects when taking PED's

When taking Ped's, physically for the sport you are doing is helping you better yourself!. But mentally you are are more irritable, aggressive, depressive. etc. As well, skin problems, liver problems, and skeletal muscular problems. By sports allowing steroids to help out athletes it will worsen the athlete in the future.

Easy way out of working hard

Athletes won't need to go as hard as they do when working regularly while being on PED's! By doing so, this is taking the easy way out. Instead of successfully reaching your potential by working out the right way. These type of enhancing drugs are used because they are pron to give fast results. Doping gives you a huge advantage over your opponent who is working hard and not on anything (Rothmen)

Losing everything

Lots of athletes who are abusing PED's try to hide the fact that they are on something. In the past it has been hard to tell if someone was on drugs because that athlete was usually one step ahead of the researcher testing them. Now a days, in some sports, athletes are actually tested right away once they win a major award. If they are tested positive, the award is automatically taken away (CNN LIbrary) . An example of somebody losing it all is Lance Armstrong. Armstrong won the Tour To France numerous times but was soon caught taking steroids to help his performance. Armstrong lost all he awards for cheating.
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Athletes shouldn't be using PED's because of all the negative effects it has on the athlete in future references. Cheating your way to get what you want isn't really accomplishing something. Getting caught and losing everything you have 'earned' isn't really worth the performance enchaining drugs you put into yourself.

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