Folk Rock Music

How Folk Rock changed music in the 60s

Folk rock

Folk rock was a popular type of music mostly in the 60s. I might be talking about Bob Dylan a lot because he is one of the most popular folk rock artist. Some instruments are volcas, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, a lot more. It's just what is says it is folk is a culture music. Rock is a harsher music it is bigger than pop, rock was popular in the 1960s.

Fun Facts

1. Bob Dylan, his career began in the early 60s

2. Bob Dylan and the Byrds sang "Mr Tambourine Man".

3. Folk Rock is just Folk music and Rock music put together

4. Acappella, Folk Rock, Roots Rock, Hard Rock, where some popular genres of the 60s

5. Bob Dylan is one of the most popular songwriter of Folk Rock in the 60s

Mr. Tambourine Man