Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the best diamond engagement ring that actually fits your finger

Most people assume that it is a simple task to buy an engagement ring. Contrary to this common belief, finding the perfect finger fit requires skills. Imagine the disappointment on your partners face when you go down on your knees to propose and the ring slides right off the finger. Embarrassing as it may be, it is not an unlikely occurrence and has actually happened to many men.

Shopping for an engagement ring is in fact an art and most people without patience may actually give up before achieving their goal. But with the right help, the process may actually be enjoyable. The first helpful point before making the purchase should be that the ring must be a comfortable fit. Even though you do not want it falling down every time you wear it, make sure it is loose enough to slide off your knuckle with ease. It is not a permanent accessory.

The other important buying tip is that you should measure for diamond engagement rings late in the day when your hands are warm and relaxed. Confirm the measurements of your finger at least twice. This is the only way you can ascertain that the mm measurement is of the same value. A slight change in these measurements makes a big difference when it comes to fitting. It is simple to measure your finger.

Use a string or paper strip and wrap it around the finger. Mark out either ends that the two meet to get the length of your fingers circumference. You can straighten the paper or string and use a ruler to get the measurement. Since you require the use of the diameter you need to divide these reading by 3.14 and approximate your answer with the nearest finger sizes at the jewelers in your location. You can also use the circumference of an existing ring to purchase a new one.

Whichever method you use to measure the size of your finger, it is important to get the right fit. You do not want to return the ring. Its quality may be tampered with. Be right from the start.

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