English Project

By: Omer and Amit

El-azizia , Libya.

El-azizia is where the highest temperature ever measured on earth.

On September 14 , 1922 when a thermometer on a weather station hit a whopping 58 Celsius , thanks to southerly winds blowing in hot air from over the Sahara Desert.

Population in El-azizia

El-azizia , is a small town and it was the capital of the Jafara Districts in northwest Libya.

The coldest temperature which was recorded in El-azizia was -2 Celsius in February.

People don't live there because of the high temperature.


We choose El-azizia because we searched extreme places in the world and El-azizia was the most interesting one. When we saw El-azizia we understood that this is the place we want to do the project about. we like the extreme conditions in this place and we learned something new about the world.