America in the 1800s

Cat Smith

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John D Rockefeller

Who: John D. Rockefeller was one of the worlds richest men. He became the first American worth 1 billion dollars. He was a co-founder of the standard oil company. Born on July 8th 1839 and died May 23rd 1937 at almost 98.

What: He was a co-founder of the standard oil company and one of the worlds richest men. He revolutionized the petroleum industry .

When: In 1863 him and his business partner built a oil refinery. June 1870 he formed the standard oil company. He retired in 1897 and died in 1937.

Where: He started the standard oil company in Ohio.His original oil refinery was built in "the flats".

Why: He made money and donated money to the civil war as many rich men did to avoid having to serve.


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Thomas Alva Edison

Who: He was an American inventor and businessman. He was referred to as the "wizard of Menlo Park". He had over 1000 patents in his name in the US.

What: He was an American inventory and businessman. He improved the electric lightbulb. His first major invention was the phonograph.

When: His invention -the phonograph- was first noticed in 1877 and it amazed everyone. In 1878 Edison formed the Edison Electric Light Company.

Where: He started his career as an inventor in Menlo park. That is how hi got the nickname "wizard of Menlo Park".

Why: He wanted to invent things he knew the public would want. He vowed never to wast time trying to make something the public would have no use for and not want to buy.

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The Great Railroad Strike Of 1877

Who: Workers blocked roads allowing only passenger traffic through. Normal citizens also joined in against the railroads. West Virginia got there state militias to try to stop the rioting.

What: Railroads started drastically cutting wages so workers started blocking road ways and wouldn't let the trains pass. Eventually non-workers started joining in in the strike and West Virginia got state militias to try to stop the rioting but when they got there the people threw stones until shots were fired killing 10 people.

When: The great railroad strike started on July 17, 1877 and ended sometime in the end of August of the same year.

Where: It first started in Martinsburg, West Virginia because workers wages had been reduced. It spread to places like Maryland, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Illinois.

Why: Workers started rioting because of there wages being reduced drastically.


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Central Pacific Railroad

Who: The central pacific railroad was a railroad company that started in 1862. It is now part of the Union Pacific Railroad.

What: They formed part of the first transcontinental railroad along with the Union Pacific railroad. They built tracks between California and Utah.

Where: They built tracks from California to Utah. There part of the tracks ended in Promontory , Utah.

When: The central pacific railroad started in 1862. The first rails were laid in 1863 and they finished the first transcontinental railroad in 1869.

Why: The US wanted travel across the United States to be easier and faster and back then trains were the best way to go. The US had the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific build railroads across the US. The Central Pacific was in it for the money.