Padbury Newsletter

Issue #14 - 3 September 2020



Friday 4 Sep - Online Assembly for Students

Monday 7 Sep - Jumps and Throws Year 5 & 6

Tuesday 8 Sep - Jumps and Throws Year 3 & 4

Tuesday 8/Wednesday 9 Sep - Kindy Priest Visits

Wednesday 9 Sep - Science Week Celebrations

Friday 11 Sep - PCPS Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 16 Sep - Board (5:15pm) & P&F (7:00pm) Meeting

Please check the community calendar for future dates as the calendar is regularly updated.


Dear Parents

Father Cyprian celebrated three First Holy Communion Masses last weekend. The children were so reverent as they received Jesus for the very first time, drawing them into a closer relationship with God. May they continue to be nourished by Jesus’ body and blood each time they come to mass. It was lovely seeing the children surrounded by their families on the weekend too, albeit in smaller numbers due to COVID19, however it is a reminder to all of us of the special gift that our loved ones are to us. I congratulate our children, their families and our Year 4 teachers, Mrs Woodall, Mrs Barry and Mr von Bergheim for preparing the children so beautifully. Special thanks to Father Cyprian, Father Francis and RE Parish Co ordinator, Ms Brigid Fredericks and the PCPS staff for their support of our children and families in this parish-based sacrament.

Next Tuesday 8 September we celebrate the birthday of Mary, Mother of Jesus. In class, the children will be praying the Hail Mary or a decade of the Rosary as a special gift to Our Lady.

Mary, Mother of God, Pray For Us.

Padbury Catholic Primary School opened in 1985 and the fits Principal Sister Carmel Wringe, a Mercy nun. As such our school is based upon the charism and ethos of the Mercy Sisters. During the last week of term, we will be celebrating Mercy Week with a liturgy, learning about Mercy Values and Catherine McAuley (who established the congregation of the Sisters of Mercy).

Who are the Mercy Sisters? Throughout rural and urban Australia, in Papua New Guinea and internationally, our Sisters and partners in Mercy, minister to people with no voice and those seeking justice at home and beyond. Padbury Catholic Primary School seeks to support the Sisters in their mission. On the last Monday of term, we will be fundraising for Mercy Works who are the charity branch of the Mercy Sisters. Our Year Six students are busy preparing the Celebration Day to which all year levels are invited to take part. Kindy will have their Celebration Days on Tue/Wed and will be run by our budding Yr 5 leaders. Please see the flyer in the newsletter for further information.

There are many extra curricula activities which we are still able to offer the children whilst COVID19 restrictions in place. Some of the children have been able to participate in the Catholic Performing Arts festival and Tournament of the Minds (TOM), both of which are taking place in a virtual world with videoing. I would like to thank our wonderful Music teacher, Mrs Sylvia Cusack, who has coordinated our participants in this year’s festival. It is a big task and there are many hours spent behind the scenes planning and practising with the students. Special thankyou to all of our fabulous staff too who have assisted Mrs Cusack throughout the festival period, it is very much appreciated. Our school choirs have also commenced once again which is great to see. There is further information in the newsletter.

Big thankyou to Ms Ashleigh Remigio, our Extension teacher, for assisting the children with their preparations for the TOM competition. Once again things are a little different this year however Ms Remigio has spun this into a positive and provided great learning opportunities for our children. We wish you all good luck!

The children take great delight in telling me that they absolutely love our brand new Drama and Art programme this year and it is thrilling to hear. I would like to thanks Mrs Alicia Randazzo for all her great work this year ensuring that the children have many different opportunities to unleash their creative talents, expressing themselves through drama and art. To celebrate our new art space ‘The Studio’, we will be hosting some open mornings/afternoons in the last week of the term for parents to come and view the space and the wonderful art pieces your children have been working on. There is further information in the newsletter.

Next week we have a busy sporting start with Jumps and Throws taking place on Monday and Tuesday and we look forward to a sensational school Athletics Carnival on Friday. Fingers crossed we have sunny weather! I would like to thank Mr Hignett for all his preparatory work as so much goes on behind the scenes which we do not see. I am very appreciative of this. We look forward to parents being able to join us on the day and cheering the children on. Please note that there will be protocols in place and procedures to follow as well as COVID restrictions which we are asking all families to adhere to. There is further information regarding the carnival in the newsletter.

Next week we also celebrate Science Week. All the children have been working on exciting topics within their classroom programme and they will be sharing this with the school. Our Year Six students will be hosting the Science Fair and there will be many interactive experiments for the children to take part in. Big thanks to our Science teachers Mrs Britt Ewen and Mr John Hignett for the amazing and engaging work that they do with our children.

Huge thanks to Mrs Vicki Kay for organising our school photos this year. We look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces when the packs arrive!

Our Pre-Kindy (3 yr old) programme runs every Tuesday and every Thursday. Once children turn 3 years of age they can attend Pre-Kindy. Places are filling up quickly so if you have a child or have friends, neighbours or relatives with children ready for Pre-Kindy, please contact the school office as soon as possible to enrol for 2021 and 2022. We are also enrolling for Kindy 2022 and 2023 so if you have a sibling due for Kindy in those years, please ensure you have lodged your enrolment form asap at the front office.

I will be taking some long service leave next week so please see the Assistant Principals Mrs Loretta Hutcheson and Mr Ryan von Bergheim should you have any queries or concerns.

Enjoy the weekend coming up.

Mrs Margaret Williamson



religious education

Confirmation Update

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe has today put out new communication about the Sacrament of Confirmation, which had been suspended during Covid. The Archbishop has now lifted that suspension. As such, it appears the Sacrament of Confirmation will go ahead next term. We are currently discussing arrangements with Fr Cyp and the Sacramental Team at OLM and will advise parents of the new dates and any further information as soon as it has been decided.

First Holy cOmmunion

Congratulations to our Year 4 students who had their First Holy Communion over the weekend. The students were very reverent and did themselves, and their families, proud. Congratulations Year 4!


Our Liturgies are back in full swing now, with Fr Cyprian and Fr Francis so far visiting Pre-Primary and Year 2 and 3 this term. Next week Father Cyprian & Fr Francis visit our Kindy classes.


Padbury in the News!

Our recent success at the State Cross Country Carnival has been highlighted online in the Joondalup Times/Perthnow website -

The article will also appear in print in the Joondalup Times, so keep an eye out!

Thought for the Week

Mr Ryan von Bergheim & Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principals



In celebration of the new Arts Program at Padbury Catholic Primary School we would like to invite you to take a tour of the new Arts space, ‘The Studio.’ The Studio is located in the middle block next to the Year 4 classrooms.

Due to Covid restrictions, we will be hosting an open doors tour over a few days in week 10, this way we are able to minimise mass numbers attending at the one time. We would like to encourage family members to walk through this space and view some of the master pieces the students have created in Art, this term.

Opening Times

Wednesday 23rd September


2:30-3:30 pm

Thursday 24th September


2:30-3:30 pm

Friday 25th September


We look forward to seeing you in week 10.

Week 10 is also Mercy Week. In the spirit of the Mercy tradition and there will be a donation box placed at all doors, please feel free to make a gold coin donation which we will send off to Mercy Works (Mercy social justice programme).

Kind regards

Mrs Alicia Randazzo

Art/Drama Teacher


Next week at Padbury Catholic we will be celebrating the amazing Science that has been happening in Term 3. Between recess and lunch children will be invited to come and share the Chemical Sciences that we have been learning about this Term, with different classes showing what they have been learning. Our Year 6 students will be sharing their investigations that they have been working on throughout this term. The students are performing their investigation and will have interactive activities for students to participate in. They would love to share their experiments with the school. We are sure your kids will come home and share with you what awesome activities they did on this day!

- Mrs Ewen and Mr Hignett

Science Teachers


Big picture

Sport Carnival Reminder

The following information is a reminder and was sent out previously to all parents through SEQTA.

The PCPS Athletics Carnival will be held this year on Friday 11th September. We are hoping it will be a sunny day so we can get through all of our activities.

The day will begin at 9:00am so we expect all children to be at school by 8:30am.

The day will start with the faction team march, followed by the school prayer and national anthem. Please be assembled on the school oval before 9:00am if you are coming to watch the events.

A schedule of events will be sent home with the children before the day, and this will also be posted on the school website for you to follow your children’s activities.

Please Note: Due to Phase 4 Covid Restrictions remaining in place at the time of the Carnival, there are some procedures that the school will need to put in place to ensure we are following the Phase 4 Guidelines. Please read the information below carefully as we ask for your cooperation in following these guidelines in order to allow the day to run smoothly and safely for all.


  • When you arrive at the carnival, each adult will be required to Scan (using their smart phone) a QR Code (located on multiple signs around the oval) and ‘check-in’ to the carnival. Every single visitor to the carnival must sign in through the QR Code. This is so that we have a record of all persons on school grounds on this day, as part of our Covid plan for the day.
  • As normal there will be a section allocated for parents to view the carnival. This will be clearly signed and completely roped off. This year we are asking that all parents remain in the roped off area for the whole day. If parents require the use of a toilet, we ask that you walk up to the Hall toilets and use these, and then return immediately to the parent area. Please do not use the children’s toilets.
  • The parent areas will be sectioned off and have a maximum number of spectators per area. Please follow these guidelines which will be clearly signed around the oval on the day.
  • We ask that parents social distance themselves from others during the day.
  • Students will not be permitted to go to their parents, and parents will not be permitted to enter the student faction bay area at any stage during the carnival. No exceptions will be made.
  • There will be a lunch break, but the students will remain in their faction bays to eat their lunch. Students will not be able to eat with their parents.
  • At the end of the carnival, after presentations, all students will return to their classrooms. Only one parent may collect them from the classroom. No students will be released from the oval.
  • Although there will not be a sausage sizzle at the carnival, there will be a coffee van for parents.

Pre Primary Students

The Pre-Primary have been practising hard for their first sports carnival and are getting very excited.

The students will participate in a 50m race and a number of novelty games. Whilst the Pre-Primary students have been allocated factions, it is not compulsory for them to wear their faction colours. The Pre-Primary students will be allocated teams within their class to participate in the novelty events.

The Pre-Primary activities will take place on the Northern part of the oval so if you are keen to see your child that is the best place to sit.

The Pre-Primary students will participate in the march and then their activities. After they have finished their events they will return to their classroom for the remainder of the day.


Year 3 Lego Masters

For the past fortnight the Year 3 children having been competing to be the Lego Masters of the school. Our winners had to design and build a space themed creation. The winners were Jai Padmanabhan, Dale Harris and Sean Liem in the first week and Addison Smith, Olivia Abbott and Naomi Leitch in the s cond week. Congratulations everyone for a huge effort. It was great to see how creative Year 3 children can be!

Dianne and Tamara

Big picture


Boy Choir...Tuesdays...8:15 in the hall.🎶 All Boys welcome in years 3,4, 5 and 6.

Girl Choir ...Wednesdays...8:15 in the hall.🎶 All Girls welcome in years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Mrs Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher


This Week’s focus: Social Media and Young Children

Through chatting with students throughout Padbury Catholic over the last 18 months, I have come to learn that there are a number of our students on social media applications at home - Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,, TikTok, and many more that you may never have even heard of!

Interestingly, these apps are for ages 13+, and for good reason: adult apps can have very adult content. Instagram and Snapchat for example, have a wide range of adult and explicit content that can be accessed by anyone who has an account. Though there are many positives when adults use social media, it is important to be aware of the dangers that young children can face when interacting with these adult social apps.

I would encourage you to have a conversation with your child about whether they engage with any social media apps and discuss this with them openly.

For more information and resources about young children and social media, the CyberSafety Lady has some very informative Blog Posts which you may find interesting. I strongly encourage you to read the following articles to find out more about social media and your children.

- Mr von Bergheim

Assistant Principal

Social Worker's Corner


Adults, at times, overlook the fact that kids have the ability to hear everything…well everything that they choose to hear! As adults it is important that we remember that kids really do pick up on what we are saying even when we think they are otherwise engaged. Not only do they often overhear “adult” discussions but they often overhear “adult” language. Worse still, there is a good chance this will come back to haunt us as they repeat these “adult” words or concepts at school and explain it with a “my Mum/Dad said ….” Or I heard “Mrs…say…”. It can never hurt to focus more on what we as adults are saying, where we are when we are saying it and the potential for our discussions being overheard.

Mrs Ali Fisher

Social Worker

pastoral care

Please keep the Rogers family in your prayers on the recent passing of Tessa Rogers' (Yr 3) Omi (grandma). May she rest in peace.

Please keep the Persak family in your prayers on the recent passing of Jacob (K) and Jasmine’s (Yr 4) grandma. May she rest in peace.


PCPS now has an OFFICIAL FaceBook and Instagram page!

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padbury cares

Here is the direct link to the Padbury Cares page on our website, should you wish to register.


Parish Update

Rev Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - PP

Our Lady of the Mission, Whitford Parish

Website :

24:7 Whitfords Youth Group ONLINE

For all youth in Years 6-12

Every 1st, 3rd and 5th Fridays 7pm-8:30pm @ 24:7 Whitfords Online (Messenger Group Chat).

Coming up: 24:7 Whitfords Online Youth Group: Mental Well-being, THIS FRIDAY! (Last Online Youth Group)

Altar Server Training

12th September at 10:00am in the OLM Church

New altar servers are welcome, and existing Altar Servers welcome for a refresher on Covid protocols.

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