The Tragedy of Macbeth

ACT V Scene 8

Did the witches prophecies come true?


Each one of the prophecies given by the witches came to past, Macbeth is made Thane of Cawdor, he also becomes king. Banquos descendents become king (His sons). Macbeth is  warned to be aware of Macduff, Birnham wood appeared to move toward dunsiane castle; and a man "not born of a woman" killed Macbeth.

How does the ending Validate Macbeth being portrayed as a puppet to the witches?

In the ending of Scene 8, Macbeth is some sort of bragging about his prophecy, one of his prophecies from the witches was that he couldnt be harmed by anyone born from a woman, but they also tell him in another prophecy to beware of Macduff. Without directly coming out and saying his prophecies he goes on to tell Macduff:
"Youre wasting your time trying to wound me. You might as well try to stab the air with your sword. Go fight someone who can be harmed. I lead a charmed life, which cant be ended by anyone born from a woman." But Macduff tells Macbeth to forget about his charm because he was cut froim his mothers womb, so technically he wasnt born from his mother naturally. So Macbeth believes these prophecies given to him so in a way the witches had control of his actions and his attitude towards the different situations he came across. In a way the witches were like ventriloquist, and Macbeth was the puppet he made his decisions and moves based on what he was told.