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We have had a great week coming back from spring break! This week we reviewed adjectives and their purpose, which is to describe nouns. We worked on being able to identify them in sentences along with using them in our own writing. We used our reminder (C2-color and condition, S2-size and shape, N-number, T-texture...C2S2NT) to remind ourselves what exactly adjectives can do with nouns. We also learned that they are the "dazzlers" of the sentence world. They aren't needed in the sentence although we like them because they make sentences more interesting. One hint when trying to identify adjectives in sentences is to cover up the word that one thinks is an adjective. If the sentence still works and makes sense, then it is probably an adjective. Along with that, we learned about our most famous adjectives, articles. These are the, an, and a. We learned when to use a and when to use an. Finally, we created adjective riddles to practice using adjectives. (ex. I have a long neck. I have strong, tall legs. I have soft fur. I have a spotted coat. I live in the African plains. What am I?) These were fun and are now posted around our room. Today we were introduced to comparative and superlative adjectives by reading the story Pig, Pigger, Piggest. We will continue working on comparative and superlative adjectives next week.

Besides adjectives, we really focused on reading and understanding nonfiction. We focused on Europe this week. We read short nonfiction articles about Europe's culture, its connection to the world, and its plants and animals. We continue to struggle to go back into the text to find proof of answers. Our skills of study this week were cause and effect, sequential order, context clues, and inferencing based on context. We read each article as class and identified the main idea of each paragraph by summarizing it in 1-3 words. This was designed to help students be able to go back into the text to find answers. We will continue through nonfiction as we read and learn about Africa next week. We will have a CFA over nonfiction on Friday.

Kara Merriman

Thank you for all that you do! This coming week we will continue to working towards our BIG GOALS in math and reading.

We will have the last Northeast regions landforms quiz on Wednesday. For those who have not passed this yet after having at least 3 tries, this will be the last time to take it. We will be moving on to the Southeast region states. For those who are ahead, that quiz will be Wednesday as well.

Next Week's Related Arts Schedule:


Merriman: PE

Mankin: PE


Merriman: Music

Mankin: Computer Lab


Merriman: PE

Mankin: Library


Merriman: Computer Lab

Mankin: Art


Merriman: Library

Mankin: PE

Other important dates:

April 11: Open Library Night

April 13- Progress Reports

May 2- Last day to meet BIG goal

May 2-6 TN Ready testing