Feeling the Kimochi Way

Back by Popular Demand

After a successful first run of our Kimochis Social Skills Group - we are offering more groups to more children!

We have had numerous parents request our special Kimochis groups for our different grade levels. Kimochi (Key-Mo-Chee) means "feeling" in Japanese. This highly effective social skills groups utilises cute and cuddly plush toys to help children identify, understand and communicate their own feelings in a fun and comfortable way. All groups will be introduced and work with Bella Rose, Bugs, Hugs, Cat, Cloud, Clover, Lovey Dove, ???

Our School Counsellor, Anna Lewis (MSoc Prof. Counselling) and Psychologist, Anna Oechler (BA Clin. Psych) will facilitate these groups and offer feedback to parents as the social skills sessions progress.

To accommodate age-appropriate groups, new sessions will be starting Term 4. The three groups include the following:

Little Kimochis

This group starts on Thursdays ( XX October), from 2pm-3pm. The learning objectives of Little Kimochis are:

  • Introduce the concept of feelings

Fee for 6 x 1 hour sessions: $642

Kimochis 1.0

Our "Kimochis 1.0" (Beginner Group) starts on Monday (XX October), from 2pm-3pm. This group is for students in the Primary grade levels (Grade 1 to Grade 5), who have not partaken in our first group. The learning objectives of "Kimochis 1.0" are:

  • Introduce the concept of feelings

Fee for 6 x 1 hour sessions: $642

Kimochis 2.0

Our "Kimochis 2.0" is the intermediate level for students have already successfully completed the beginner's group. This group will expand on the introductory principles and further introduce students to:

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