Keona Wynne!

My life in a nutshell

My Life

I am the daughter of Deborah and Krejchi Hester, and sibling to Kamyne and Demarcus Hester. I love my family! Last year, my sister Kamyne departed for UTSA and embarked upon a new journey. She loved the campus and is currently taking summer classes at Lone Star as well. Last year was my brother, Demarcus', first year of high school. It was truly an adventure being located within the same high school as him!
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My Activites

I am a member of the Huntsville High School Varsity Softball team. I love the smell of the fresh cut grass in the spring and summer times. I also work a full-time job at Cinema 10 Movie Theatre in Huntsville, Texas. Moreover, I am the Head Teacher of a Children's Church class at my church, St.Paul UMC in Spring, Texas. I love all the activities that I participate in however, I understand that my academics come first.
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Academic History

I am currently enrolled at Huntsville High School where I am a junior. This past fall and spring was my first time to take dual credit classes through Lone Star, and I loved the knowledge gained through the four courses I took which includes History 1301 and 1302, College Algebra and Trigonometry. This summer along with your course I am enrolled in Economics 2302 taught by Professor Franck Granck. I am currently ranked #4 in my class of 366 students. I love to learn new information to gain knowledge not just to make a grade and I attempt to live by that motto.


My goal for this course is to succeed with an A. After completion of all of my summer courses I hope to move up in rank in order to become the recipient of a full ride scholarship to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in the fall of 2015. After completing graduate school I plan to attend medical school at John Hopkins and receive my P.h.D. in psychiatry. My dream is to open up my own independent practice after completing years of research to expand my knowledge.
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