By: Destiny Faith Pagan

Architecture Blueprint Designs And What You Need To Qualify For The Job?

What architecture design is what it is, is when you draw the outline or blueprints of a house. It may take a lot of time but what you do is stick through it anyways and have to be real patient. But also must have a great imagination to create different designs in ways or techniques. When I grow up I would love to become an Architect it something that is so amazing because to me it is like taking something out of nothing and making it it something beyond what you thought you would ever make or design.

The architecture design for me was getting to create something into your own vision. What you want in life and what you feel looks good in your image. What I feel is needed in the outline is what would you what in your house and what could you do to mix and make it what the client wants in your vision. Then when you feel like its ready you would show it and they would say its better then what I expected and if not try again just go back to the drawing board.

The most important thing to me in doing this outline to me is the imagination. Because in this imagination is the key to succeeding in the outside world. One way to use imagination in this blueprint is to be Unique. To make something up every time you draw something new. Last but not least is to have a steady hand because the straight lines are not the easiest thing to do.

Some techniques to help with how to not get distracted with not getting distracted easy. For some people they listen to music to get great ideas. But many people also look at images to see what they can mix together and to make something totally new. Society in the architecture is not the best right now but I am sure there are many people who think that they are able to do what everyone wishes to do change the world which is my personal goal.

How I became interested in architecture was when i had a project to do in the 6th grade. We had to choose a person in the world that had changed history in some way and the person I had chosen was Frank Lloyd Wright. Because I was so amazed by the great work he did he made things the were not possible possible in his architecture. He made a round build not impossible anymore and made a waterfall out of a house which is amazing to me.

To Be Honest I love the way Architecture design works. Ever since that one day in 6th grade I knew what I wanted to do. I have decided I would be Architect sure once in a while I would not feel like doing anything but I would still think it was fun because I am drawing for my job who would not want to do that. Well I know that is what I absolutely want so I know what I need to get it which is only required a high school degree but I will still go to college.