Survival Guide For Verkhoyansk



Verhhoyansk,Russia in right between Asia and Europe. Verkhoyansk ,Russia is near the Artic circle wear its very cold and and polar with lots of trees.

Four steps for survival

1.Find fallen trees to build a shelter. 2.Find food look for animals to eat or hunt. 3.Don't eat poison so you don't get ill or starve to death. 4.Find water in the cracks of the ice so that you don't get dehydration.

Animal life

Their are lots of animals in the cold pole including the reindeer,white wolves,and polar bear.The animal i would hunt is the reindeer for their coat meat. Careful so you don't get stuck in bottomwith their antlers.
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Plant life

Three of the some of the plants are trees,Hoya Carnosa,and rose.The one i would chose is the tree because you can hide in the tree,be careful so branch doesn't fall on you.
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