Identity Theft

How to Save Yourself From It

What It Is:

Identity Theft is when someone STEALS your PERSONAL INFORMATION and uses it without you saying they can.

How to STOP It From Happening to You:

To keep your personal information safe from thieves follow the three P's:

  1. Protect your password by NEVER sharing it with someone. (They may be your best friend, but it's dangerous all the same.)
  2. Place your personal information in a safe place whenever you know you can't keep it on you. (Think of your personal information like a MILLION DOLLARS! You wouldn't want to leave that sitting out for anyone to take it, now would you? Of course not. :) )
  3. Put a password on your phone. Putting a password on your phone can keep what you have on your phone private. (Hey, maybe you take a lot of selfies for a guy and don't want your "bros" to find out. Or maybe you don't want that guy you like to see all the gushy details of how you "love the way he looks when he's confused" you texted to your "bestie". I won't tell if you don't and keeping a password on your phone can save you from the embarrassment when one of your friends or your crush decides to be nosy.)