By: Ashley Rae Haris

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Mark Zuckerberg was a sophomore at Harvard University when he launched TheFacebook

How it all started

Facebook started in 2004 when a sophomore at Harvard university named Mark Zuckerberg (Zah-ker-berg) had an idea that would change the world. Him and his friends would shape social media as we know it today. It all started when they launched Thefacebook (Old name of social media site Facebook) at Harvard university. Within four days of being launched, Thefacebook already had 650 users, and by the end of the month they had 10,000 users. Since he was succeeding, he started to spread the site to other ivy league colleges. Eventually, the program was accessible to the whole world. This is when Thefacebook started to form, investors started to make offers to him. First, he was offered 10 million dollars to hand over the company, but Zuckerberg declined the offer. Then, he hired investment manager Steve Ballmer to help make decisions on investments and find investment opportunities. Finally, he made a huge deal with Microsoft worth 240 million dollars, making the company worth over 15 billion dollars. Facebook then added new additions to their site, like posting, liking, and sharing with friends. Facebook started out just as an idea, then became one of the most used sites in the world.