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STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!

What are two successes you've had this year in Science? Let's celebrate the triumphs of this school year as we move into the last month of instruction.

Tweet me @ElemScience or send me an email. Grab a spoon and let's enjoy this before it melts! Let me know how I can help you wrap up your year in science!

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Chillin' on Campuses

Take note of the last round of visits this school year as some have changed!

This is where I will be:

  • Thursday (4/28) - BB Owen
  • Friday (4/29) - Camey
  • Monday (5/2) - Office
  • Tuesday (5/3) - Castle Hills
  • Wednesday (5/4) - Indian Creek
  • Thursday (5/5) - Coyote Ridge
  • Friday (5/6) - Ethridge
  • Thursday (5/12) - Hebron Valley
  • Friday (5/13) - Hicks
  • Monday (5/16) - Office
  • Tuesday (5/17) - Homestead
  • Wednesday (5/18) - Independence
  • Thursday (5/19) - CRE in am/ training in pm
  • Friday (5/20) - Office
  • Monday (5/23) - Office
  • Tuesday (5/24) - Morningside
  • Wednesday (5/25) - training all day
  • Thursday (5/26) - Peter's Colony
  • Friday (5/27) - Polser
  • Tuesday (5/31) - Stewart's Creek
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There are many upcoming professional development opportunities this summer. Please click the link below to view the learning opportunities. Remember to check it often, as we will be updating it as new opportunities arise.


Opportunities for Future Professional Development:


Science Store -- LAST DAY IS MAY 5th!!!

Spend that Science Store $$$!!! Make sure you allow enough time to have the items delivered to your campus (anywhere between one-two weeks). You can locate the catalog in Eduphoria in the section labeled "Science Store." After you find what you need, simply email them at sciencestore@lisd.net. If you need your items sooner, you can visit the store directly Monday-Thursday from 3-5 PM. Right off 121/Fish Hatchery Rd.

Any monies not spent by May 5th will go away! Use it before you lose it!!!

Kim Estrada -- EZ Science LF

This year marks my 20th year as an educator. I have had the fortune of playing several roles in LISD and learning/teaching with many wonderful people. During my time in classrooms throughout the state of TX, I've taught PK-5th grades. I have served as a science curriculum writer, Inquiry Institute Guide and an Apple Vanguard Coach. I love working with students, teachers, and administrators. I am passionate about supporting the needs of students and teachers to help them reach maximum success in science!