changing life

written by misti L . green

changing life

Misti L. Green (soon jacobs)

In a world filled with changes

each and every day..

I feel I’m being judged

for what I do n say..

I remember back to Barbies

and play days at the park..

When I didn’t worry about

other people’s remarks..

Now lookin in the mirror

I see to my surprise..

A completely different person

staring in my eyes..

The care free little girl

I saw at 4 and 5..

Is now becoming a teen..

Just trying to survive...


I remember back to barbies and play days at the park = good memories,happy times,no worries

lookin in the mirror = reflection ,a self image

stairing in my eyes = looking back at yourself ,seeing something strange or somthing you dont like

care free little girl = innocence,youth,happy

survive = winning,completing what you started and hard or struggle


'changing life' changing life uses imagery with words and phrases like looking in the mirror to see to my surprise a completely different person staring in my eyes that phrase helps define the poem better.


the tone is sorrowful because she said that she feels judged and that she couldnt even see herself in the mirror because she felt she couldnt see herself as a person anymore that is why the tone is sorrowful


the theme is life is changing all around you things are going to be new and your just going to have to grow up because if you don't then your going to struggle to survive .

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