You will never look at water the same ever again !!!!!!!


Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight a great white shark or a killer whale? Did you know that a girl shark in bigger than a boy shark? A shark does not have bone it has cartilage that is the stuff that make your earlobe but whales have real bones. Here are 2 reasons why the shark will win the fight 1. If a killer whale went up a agents a great white shark it would be destroyed with one bite. 2 the if the killer whale went up against a great white shark it would get annihilated .


The shark has the best strength a cool and good thing about the shark is that if the lose teeth they grow back even if they lose 15 teeth of the same tooth it will come but not for a killer whale. Another advantage the shark has is that it has gills that means that it does not need to go up to the serfes for air like the killer whale so when the whale is getting air it is open for a bite like a sitting duck. What is shown is that the shark would win their way.


Another reason why the shark would demolish the killer whale is its skill. The reason why the shark would win is because of its skill when the whale is not looking the shark code sneak up from the back and attack the whale and also sharks can smell blood from miles away and the whale is such a big target who can you miss?!


In conclusion, the sharks skill would destroy the killer whale in a fight so in a epic mash up between the killer whale and the shark the winner is…… THE SHARK EVERY TIME!!! Its strength is its advantage because it can over power the killer whale and the killer whale and the killer whale would not be able to fight back. The sharks skill give it an advantage because it could learn the whales moves and always no when to attack at the end of it the shark would dominate the killer whale ever time!

Jaws Unleashed - Great White Shark vs Killer Whale