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The Problem

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The Mountain Gorillas in Central Africa are critically in danger from the outside world around them. This is because our world already has many problems and those issues interfere with the mountain gorillas life. Examples are the population is growing and the more people the more space they take up, which drives the gorillas further away. As more people come the mountain gorillas start losing their homes. Also social conflict between people end up involving the animals to suffer the consequences. Social conflict can include wars battles or anything which then causes the gorillas to get injured or move.

Another devastating reason why Gorillas are close to extinction is because of disease and illness that are infecting them. Since gorillas are the closest relative creature to humans they share much of our same DNA they can get infected by human sickness very easily. Except gorillas don't have the immune system to fight it off. All health issues are a big deal with gorillas because something from a cold to a horrible disease like ebola can wipe out an entire dwelling of mountain gorillas.

What would happen if the mountain gorillas went extinct?

The consequence of extinction of these gorillas have an major impact on all living creatures. Virunga mountain gorillas are an important part of the food chain. If the gorillas all die off the gorillas predators would have to cross them off their menu and might also die disappear because one of there main food groups are no longer there. Than the gorillas prey will over populate because the gorillas will no longer be eating them. The main point is that the Virunga mountain gorillas are a main part of the animals food chain and without them the food chain will go into total destruction. Since the extinctions makes a huge difference it is important that they don't die off.

Mountain gorillas at Virunga National Park, DRC


People are starting to save the critically endangered mountain gorillas from extinction. A very important women in Virunga mountain gorilla history is Dian Fossey she was a main part of the solution when she was alive. Dian Fossey studied these amazing creatures and tried to protect them. Because of her actions to protect the gorillas she was murdered. After she died people finally started to realize why Dian Fossey was so determined to help the Virunga gorillas and those people also took action and the started campaigns and foundations. Examples of these campaigns are International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) and the Virunga campaign. The IGCP prevents habitat destruction and tries make peace and compromise between gorillas and humans. While the Virunga Campaign tries to stop major oil threatens/oil explorations that cause issues for people and gorillas. Another great example for the solution would be Virunga National Park an area dedicated to the gorillas that has been around since 1925 and is still persevering in the same goal. You can be part of the solution along with others.

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Location of Virunga National Park

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Virunga National Park

The Virunga National Park is a sanctuary for the virunga mountain gorillas. It is located in the middle of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. This park contains volcanoes, lava lakes, and rare special animals such as elephants, congo lions, and silverback mountain gorillas.


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Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey studied the gorrilas for nearly 20 years. She devoted her lifes work to save the gorrilas.


The Future

These mountain gorillas should have a happy ending too and they can, if you get involved. There are little things that you can do that will make a big difference. Even donating a little money can buy a torch for a wild ranger to take a shift and watch out overnight. There are many foundations and campaigns to save the gorillas but you can do individual things such as adapting a gorilla, donating money, or even just being part of the voice. The hope is so that people can hear this voice and become aware that it's a big problem. The future of the Virunga mountain gorillas are in our hands.
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Virunga Mountain Gorrila