"Darkies": Gateway to Freedom

Escape Slavery By Using The Underground Railroad

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How to Identify Which Way Is North

  • At night, look for the Big Dipper which are a group of stars. The Northern Star which is the tip of the always points to the North so run toward it.
  • Migrating birds always go north in the summer. Follow them.
  • When either one doesn't work, look for a nearby tree. Moss usually grow on the north side of the trees.

Listen "Darkies"

We know you don't like the peculiar institution.The Underground Railroad is your gateway to freedom! Here are some things to be careful about.

  1. Don't get caught running away by the overseers. They will bring you back and flog you.
  2. Run away at night when the overseers are asleep. This way, you have the best chance of escaping.
  3. To avoid the dogs, swim in the river. Water covers your scent, making it unlikely for a dog to catch you.
  4. Slave catchers are not happy with you because of Nat Turner and Denmark Vasey's revolt.

From Jackson, Mississippi to Ripley, Ohio

Starting at the Jackson, Mississippi located in the Black Belt, use the clues provided above and run north. On the way, you should see a big river named the Ohio River. On the other side of the river, you should see a candle lighting in the distance. Follow that because they are stationmasters that will hide you from slave catchers. You should meet John Rankin, who is one of the conductors of the Underground Railroad.

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